Monday, October 27, 2008

A minute of Toadies talk

I have been surprised lately -- not just by the sheer volume of folks who still love the Toadies, but how many know that we are playing with them next month when we haven't promoted it even a little bit. At my show at Toad, people asked me about it all night long. Last night at the Jamspot, some dudes asked us about it. Our friends knew more often than not before I told them. I know we're on the Paradise website and in the Live Nation emails (actually, that very well may be the culprit -- see below, bottom right), but still.

Anyhow, as far as the show is concerned, we couldn't be more excited. Growing up in Dallas, it's truly incredible to get offered a chance to play with a local band we all collectively idolized. I never realized how big they were outside the Metroplex, no matter how many singles they had on KDGE. And considering we've been covering "I Come From the Water" for the past year or so, it makes it all the better (no, we aren't playing it at the Paradise show).

The fact that we're on the show is a testament to persistence, more than anything. I've been finding myself telling curious peoples that the show "fell from the sky," which isn't exactly true. In classic Cassavettes pesky form, we heard about the show before it was announced and were one of the first to inquire. We were turned down. Didn't need local support; the show was close to selling out already and they had a band on tour with them. And the Paradise usually only has two bands per night. We set our sights on opening another show around that time with another Dallas band we love, but that didn't work out either. Rejection is constant, truthfully. Then, months later, and after the show sold out, the Toadies management decided they wanted a local on board. Due to earlier nagging, we were in the position to succeed, which is half the battle -- no, 99.9 percent of the battle.

Anyhow, by that point, we had already joined a show at TT's with Jesse Malin (I don't regret this AT ALL, especially since the Toadies show is SOLD OUT) on Nov. 6. And since the Paradise is sold out, I truly hope you come party with us at TT's on that night. We don't have tickets to the Paradise, as I've told MANY, so I apologize.

Either way, the reason I tell you this story is that it just shows you a couple valuable lessons of this industry: Don't be disheartened by rejection (it's often not personal, and it's too frequent to let it get to you -- just move on) and that putting yourself in the position to succeed is the closest thing to ensuring success (and even then, it more often that not does NOT ensure SHIT).

Needless to say, we're psyched.

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