Thursday, October 09, 2008

Getting Real

Real Worcester, that is. Gabe Rollins, veteran music journalist over at the blog gives us some love for our WPI gig last week.
I was a little upset to find out after the fact that Boston indie rockers and all around rockin good band Cassavettes played by all reports a killer show last Friday at WPI. It just goes to show folks that you can sit at home complaining there isn’t any good music going on or you can go out and do some exploring and some asking around and find something great, because it is there, you just have to look for it.

Read our wrap-up here. Still can't get photos of that show, despite my best efforts.

I need to get tickets to Neil Young/Wilco in December, but alas, money is low due to the car-fixing that went on earlier this week. Are they even still available?

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Blogger how to fuck up 101 said...

gabe is a great guy....

all the best fellas, will

16 October, 2008 15:32  

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