Friday, October 24, 2008

Fave five (...or super seven?)

I don't know why I forgot to post this for the past couple days (or week). Being a complete moron has its downsides. Anyhow...

Following in the tradition paved by Sir Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade, Ryan of the magnificent Ryan's Smashing Life weblog was recently interviewed about his five favorite Boston bands by Boston T Parties. Lo and behold, he chose Cassavettes -- as 5c (or No. 7 if you want to get technical). Either way, the love is appreciated. Also appearing on the list are our good buddies The Motion Sick and Static of the Gods, and a few bands I have yet to check out but definitely will soon.
Current Boston favorites “If I didn’t include you on this one, it doesn’t mean I don’t love ya!” List
(if you squint real close it may actually look like seven, but I couldn’t omit any of these.)

1. Static of the Gods - sensational rock band - new material, national tour
2. Tom Thumb - absolutely brilliant songwriter - new album
3. Vivian Darkbloom - great new sound, great live - new singles, working on album
4. The Motion Sick - fun, addictive smart rock - new album
5a. Muy Cansado - amazing songs and so catchy - new album
5b. The Sunsets Quick - red hot and shiny new - new album
5c. Cassavettes - I can’t forget about them. Just a sensational, fluid indie rock group. - New live album

Thanks, Ryan! If you don't have Halloween plans, head to TT the Bear's for RSL's Halloween bash, which includes our old friends THE TEENAGE PRAYERS!

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