Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hospitality on the road

I'm a wee bit late updating you all on last weekend's hurricane of music, but I'll try to do so here -- quickly.

On Friday, we headed up north to Portland, Maine (our first show in the city, oddly enough) where we played One Longfellow Square. This was our first gig played set up by our now-gone booking agent, and the venue was a strange fit. They wanted us to play quiet (ugh), and it had a strange high school gym/old folks home vibe. Then again, it was a great listening room, in a theatre-type way, and I'd play there again for sure. Not sure if the other guys would, though. Either way, we had a strong showing of the Maine contingent -- Melanie spearheaded efforts for both the show and a crazy afterparty -- and we played pretty well. The show was recorded, so I've got documented evidence of just how much we talked between songs. It was like a show in and of itself. Either way, the crowd was awesome, though they seemed to lose interest in the slow stuff before we had a chance to do our revamped "Six Hours" or "The Devil's Arms." They wanted rock, like Gin Blossoms covers, for some reason, and we begrudgingly gave in to the applause. The sound guy later said he lost his voice trying to have a conversation over the racket, but he was a cool dude, and came to the after party.

Before the show, I was accosted by a homeless man who dubbed me the "most clever boy I've ever met" and later gave me the nickname "Shady Brain" and called Mike "Slim Slimmy" (notice how he tactfully split Slim Shady into two nicknames). We gave him an autograph by request (yes, I signed it Shady Brain) and hung with him a bit after the show. Cool guy. Goes by Bubblelicious. Got to love the Portland folk. After the show, we went to Melanie's for an all-night party, where plenty of mischief happened, though we won't get into that now. Suffice it to say, Scott and Casey were threatened with a bullet in the head for climbing on a cherrypicker.

SET LIST (I think): The Nadir / St. Anthony / Trouble From the Start / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Like Secrets Beneath / Someday Darling (debut) / Don't Get Me Wrong / I Come From the Water / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

Here was a little pre-show blurb in the local Portland Press Herald.

Boston-based rock band Cassavettes (pronounced kass-uh-vets) was named the Best Local Band in the Boston Phoenix Readers Poll in 2006 and that same year received a Boston Music Award nomination for Outstanding Americana Act. Go to the Go section of for audio. The foursome will be joined by cabaret groove-jazz band Beaux de l 'Air. Call 761-1757 or go to for tickets.

The next night, we headed back to New London, Ct., where we played on our tour last year. We had a great time then and as Scott said, this was one of the few times that a repeat visit to a place we originally had an awesome time lived up to the previous visit. The staff there is hands down the nicest staff we've ever dealt with. It feels like hanging out at a friend's house more so than a venue. Anyhow, Sean, our good buddy now, warned us of a demonic, rabid seagull that was killing pigeons and disemboweling them. Sure enough, we saw several pigeons with their insides ripped out. I later tripped on one and accidentally touched it. Sean, upon hearing this, almost tossed his cookies. Either way, as you may recall, New London is a seaside town with plenty of Navy and Coast Guard folks. Thus, they like to party. Hard. And flip off stages (this happened twice this time -- once correctly, and once slightly aborted). The same folks that saw us by chance last year, and traveled up to Boston to see us again, were out in full force this go-round. When we finally got onstage, there was a lot of energy in the room and we played a full-blown rock set. It felt good. I seem to be the only one to think that it veered into sloppy domain at times, but that's my opinion. The crowd, and bar, kept bringing us shots until we had to plead with them to stop. It was a weird, wild night.

SET LIST: Coming soon

In a few moments, we head for NYC for a two-night stand. Tonight, at the Parkside Lounge in Manhattan and tomorrow at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn. Wish us luck.

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Anonymous melanie said...

you also played "madeline" and i believe it was called "lights on" at the maine show

11 September, 2008 20:23  
Anonymous glenn said...

by golly, youre right!

16 September, 2008 09:03  

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