Sunday, August 17, 2008

Extra surprise

A few days ago a co-worker was asking me what T-shirt I would wear onstage at the Allman Brothers gig. I told him I didn't think about it. I mean, sure, on the day of the show you occasionally put some thought into what shirt would be comfortable (i.e. not too hot) and fashionable (i.e. not too sloppy), but never days before. He couldn't believe it. Quote this co-worker: "You're going to want to wear a shirt where years from now you can say, 'This is the shirt I wore onstage when I opened for the Allmans.'" The reason I tell this story is because I think we all had expectations that were fairly low, I don't mean to sound unappreciative necessarily, but just not thinking that it would be THAT big of a deal. This co-worker argued that this was our biggest show ever; I contended that the headlining the Paradise (strictly because that was OUR show and something we didn't fathom possible too long ago) or the Kings of Leon show were bigger. This Allman Brothers thing, I reasoned, while at a large venue and with incredibly notable acts, was just us on a side stage out of the way. The other bands probably didn't even know about us. The whole band felt the same way, I think, but our expectations were, incredibly, surpassed.

Not only was the stage big (one of the bigger ones we've played on) but the sound was uncommonly good (at least for me) and the crowd kept growing (from a meager handful of folks to an estimated 100 by the end of the show). Best of all, the band sounded great. TD took a couple grainy videos on my camera, and even in poor quality, you can tell the band sounds like we've just gotten off a six-week tour. It does not sound like a band that just took a month off. We nailed a jam section of "Shine A Light" (Scott says it's possibly the best we've ever played the song), did the best-yet take on "Lights On," and really got the party started with "Ordinary Girls." Despite the fact that I was breaking strings on my SG left and right, I luckily remembered to grab my spare archtop and was able to pull off most of the usual solos, etc.

All in all, I was fairly pleased with the way it worked out. And it might have been even better. Word has it that Matt was able to get backstage and meet the Allmans. I have yet to confirm, but if true, this would be quite the coup for such a jam band fan.

SET LIST: Ordinary Girls / Golden Fleece / Madeline / The Nadir / Lights On / On the Lam / You'll Be Crying Soon / Debts / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Don't Get Me Wrong / Shotgun Wedding / Shine A Light

Next up, let's see if we can be quiet, yet dynamic this Thursday at the Lizard Lounge. See you there?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds cool. nice picture of john mccullagh with a show of the band in the back. also, maybe if you had put more time into thinking out your wardrobe, you and scott wouldn't have embarrassingly worm similar shirts.

17 August, 2008 12:55  
Anonymous scott said...

man i haven't worn that shirt in 6 months. crazy how it came out for this show. also the shirts aren't that similar IRL, IMHO. LMAO!

19 August, 2008 22:16  
Anonymous glenn said...

scott and i have the same body type, so we're often confused for twins.

21 August, 2008 09:55  
Blogger booshadammn said...

You guys are doing so well; I'm proud of you! And I love the cameo by Boston's Ricky Thompson.

21 August, 2008 18:16  

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