Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rolling rock

For the past two weeks, I've been on email and the phone pretty much nonstop figuring out shows we can/can't play, bookings, and most importantly, the recording schedule (also, working out a deal to buy a new guitfiddle, which I did, and it was an insanely good deal -- straight up from a Grammy-winning bluesman who had customized an Epiphone Riviera to ES335 standards). In the midst of all this, I was paid two of the finest compliments that a band could ever wish to hear. The first came from a particular talent buyer who said that we have a "spotless reputation in Boston" and "are just good guys." He used words like nice and considerate, and that is always incredible to hear. Obviously, it means something if you're able to maintain a good reputation in a cut-throat industry. I like that a lot. Furthermore, he was going OUT OF HIS WAY to help us, by making a couple calls to some folks he thought may be trying to use our name to get ahead. Why they would do that, we'll never know. But that was his concern, and he was way more mad about it than I am. And that kind of passion, he said, was because we've been so good to him. Heartwarming, right?

The second compliment comes from a long-lost high school comrade who now lives in Brooklyn and says she is just incredibly proud, and that a friend of her who is a music journalist was extremely excited she knew us because he 1) has our CD and 2) loves it. Pretty sweet, eh?

Anyhow, there's even MORE good news: the band is really at a good point right now. We're sounding good in practice (the dynamics may be better than ever) and we're sounded ready to take steps toward the album. We've finally agreed on a producer, and a game plan after I sent out a lengthy email detailing our options. Unfortunately, money is a main concern, so we won't be able to do this as quickly as we had hoped, but it's still going to rock. Fear not.

The band's tightness comes at a good time, for sure. We're hitting the road soon, where we will only get tighter. We've confirmed new shows in Dewey Beach (9/25) and are so, so close to a Providence gig. Also, we are working on a big holiday mixer -- any particular weekend work best for you crazy fools? We will NOT be playing Halloween, however, because it'll just be too tough to get a cover set together whilst also learning our OWN songs for the new record.
Our schedule this weekend is...
Tonight -- Lizard Lounge, Cambridge
Tomorrow -- Beachcomber, Wellfleet
Saturday -- Olive's, Nyack, NY

Anyhow, we're at a good place. It's going to be an interesting ride coming up!

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