Saturday, August 30, 2008

No sour apples

NYC, dude. It's crazy. The big city. Big Apple. Here, the Big Apple eats YOU. Anyhow, we had a slightly irritating, but overall awesome night in New York last night, as the band went down for what was billed as a quiet show at Googie's Lounge, above the Living Room. Matt bought Hot Rods and everything.

Six hours of traffic and a full load-in to the club and then they tell us that they never allow drums and it's an acoustic venue only. Surprise surprise. So, we decided to do the gig anyway with just Mike and I playing electric guitars and the white piano that the club had. A nice crowd gathered -- actually, we packed the tiny room -- and, well, we played really well. The harmonies sounded good, the guitars locked appropriately. It was nice. Good joking around, good vibe. People seemed to dig it. Also, it was a "pass the hat" affair, and there were some VERY generous folks in the audience. All in all, pretty darn good time. Even Matt and Scott had "awesome" nights, so all's well that ends well. The next time we go back, I guess we'll play downstairs in their big room, the Living Room, which is really nice and Scott says named one of the best rock clubs in America, along with the Paradise, by Rolling Stone. Interesante.

SET LIST: The Nadir / Saint Anthony / Set Free / Like Secrets Beneath / Six Hours / Research Boulevard / Seasons / Madeline / Broken Beaten & Blue / Valley of Gold

After the show, we hung out downstairs and caught up with some old buddies (Joe Bug! Este!), until it was load-out time. Hey, man, that's cool. We got a decent sandwich on our way out of the city, too, making it a really good New York nighttime.

Tonight, we're off to Quincy for the beach, and a show with Girls Guns & Glory. Should be so sweet and sweaty. Maybe we'll play some beach volleyball before the gig.

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Anonymous scott jones said...

it wasn't rolling stone. i couldn't remember where i got it but after some quick research, here is a slideshow from forbes traveler.

just in case my html doesn't work:

30 August, 2008 10:30  

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