Friday, August 29, 2008

Love ain't a decoy

From Matt via Becky via her friend comes this write-up from, who generally specialize in music with a bit of a harder edge. Nonetheless, they are super kind to us and in a Boston feature that also highlights our buddies Everyday Visuals and Hallelujah the Hills!

Cassavettes (UNSIGNED)
RIYL: The Band, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Old 97s

Those of us who can revel in the softer side of the musical world will find much to rejoice in Cassavettes. For years, these guys have displayed a knack for writing memorable songs in the Americana tradition. Take “Debts”, for example, which brightly illustrates their storytelling ability over an undeniably appealing melody. “Shine a Light” is a lesson in how to write an all-around solid piece of rock music. Thoughtful lyrics, a bouncy beat, and engaging guitar solos are executed gracefully together in this exceptional composition. Finally, people can start to take notice of these talented musicians and enjoy their live sound outside of Boston with their newly released “Animal Friends” record. Give one listen to the bluesy ballad “Like Secrets Beneath” and you’ll be aching to attend a show and sing along.

Anyhow, last night I did an acoustic show at Porter Belly's in Brighton. It was loud, and Irish, and full of drunken BC and Irish kids. I got requests from "We are the champions" to Sublime to "Possum Kingdom" to Jimmy Buffett. I did not oblige, unfortunately (or fortunately in some cases). What I did do was a long set, with plenty of background vocals from the crowd, a guy who brought his own drumsticks and kept time on a nearby table, and a bunch of dudes who tried to harmonize but sounded like a howling dog. All in all, a fun night!
SET LIST (in some order): The Rain's Not Far Behind / Broken Beaten & Blue / A Thousand Ways / Okono Road / Set Free / Like Secrets Beneath / Bad Luck / Home / Just Like You / You Led Me Into Your Love / Alone / Green & White / On Our Own / Shadows & the Gray / Withering on the Vine / Rainy Days / The Nadir / Peaceful Easy Feeling / Til the Wheels Fall Off / Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard / It's Gonna Take Time / If the Devil Steals My Soul / Give Me a Moment / There's A Reason

I forgot/didn't include a couple standards, oddly enough: "Seasons," "Afloat," and "Ambivalent Farewells." Oh well.

NYC tonight. Quincy tomorrow. Big time fun in the big city and the beach.

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