Friday, August 22, 2008

Birthday surprise

Last night, we gathered at the Lizard Lounge for the second time as a band for what Scott would deem our "best show at the Lizard Lounge ever." That's true.

It was Quinn Strassel's big 3-0 birthday, so we celebrated properly. The show sold out early, but get this unforeseen perk: PEOPLE STAYED! All night, we were ready for the mass exodus but a lot of folks stuck it out until we played at midnight, and drank and danced. Totally awesome. Either way, we sounded pretty tight -- the Lizard Lounge has some of the best soundguys in the city -- but I was experiencing a few problems on my side. Nothing to worry about, though. We jammed on "The Devil's Arms" (can't remember when we played that last) and "Shine A Light," during which I used Caitlin's arm as a guitar pick. It was pretty rocking. No photos, though, because Fritz just didn't come. Here's a nice write-up on the show's good intentions by Aaron at Enough Cowbell, including the following photos.

SET LIST: The Nadir / Madeline / The Devil's Arms / Don't Get Me Wrong / Lights On / Trouble From the Start / On the Lam / Whitewashed / Golden Fleece / Shine A Light

Tonight, we head for the Beachcomber, a club I've always wanted to see, let alone play. We'll be toasting you all from the sand dunes!

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