Friday, July 04, 2008

Show of the week?

Saturday's show has been declared show of the week by Ryan's Smashing Life, along with the Metro and the Boston Globe. Anybody finding anything else?

RSL checks in with this nice write up on the show and Animal Friends.

Cassavettes: The New Live Album & a Sensational Live Show
Fireworks from Boston: The Cassavettes are Ready to Rock!

Boston sons Cassavettes are back in a major way. Now in their third year as a band, the Cassavettes are celebrating the holiday weekend with a huge rock show tomorrow night at the Paradise. It gives the boys the opportunity to publicly unleash the songs from their brand new live album release: "Animal Friends."

EARLIER THIS WEEK the Cassavettes played live on Fox 25's morning news broadcast - in front of their largest audience ever. Tomorrow they take the stage to play songs for a loyal Boston audience and new friends at the Paradise . . And with the release of their hot live album, the summer could well be filled with the sounds with this red hot band!

Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully some more folks come out tomorrow!

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