Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Travels on the Internet

While Googling Cassavettes, I came across two interesting entries. The first is the urban dictionary definition of our beloved name:
cassavettes is the incorrect spelling of the word cassavetes, stupid people might type cassavettes in looking to find the independent film director, John Cassavetes. OR they might be trying to search for the Le Tigre song Cassavetes, which is about John Cassavetes.

Stupid people, eh? What does that say about us? We got the name, and the spelling, from a misspelled Fugazi song on my computer years ago and never tried to make it a tribute to John Cassavetes (though the song is about him, hence the misspelling). But let's face it -- it looks better with 2 T's and hopefully it doesn't force us to change it. Plus, we pronounce it differently. That, by the way, we attribute to cultural ignorance. On our part. We still haven't seen Cassavetes' movies.

The second site of interest is the homepage for the acoustic band Cassavettes, a totally Spanish site. Notice the background music. Most righteous. We know of a few other Cassavettes/Cassavetes -- one in Atlanta that is excellent, one is San Ramos, CA, and these guys, who really pop up with a lot of online videos. One thing is fascinating, though: we all list similar music as inspiration. Weird, eh?

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