Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Plenty to think about

Plenty going on, not plenty of time to really talk about it. The band is just a week and a half away from the biggest show of our career thus far. Headlining the Paradise. Honestly, who would have thought?

We're doing a little bit of promotion leading up to it: this Sunday, we'll go on "New England Product" on WNFX 101.7 FM to talk about the new record and the big show, on Tuesday we'll appear on Fox 25 Morning News for the second time, and I'm doing a quiet solo show at the Lizard Lounge to spread the word on July 2. But as focused as we should be on the Paradise right now, we're really not (though a number of people outside the band have been positively stoked about us getting a featured spot in the Live Nation mass emails, nestled betwixt Feist, Chicago, Devo, and Alejandro Escovedo -- see screengrab below).

Practices have been focused on new material lately, because it's dawning on us that recording time is RIGHT around the corner. We just signed on with a booking agent for the first time last week (who, like Creamer, allows me to work in tandem with them, rather than usurping any responsibility -- a HUGE plus), and when I filled out our availability for her, it became achingly clear that we don't have much time. After July 5, we've got one week together, before nearly a month off (Matt's on tour, Mike's on a pre-marital retreat, Scott's back in Texas, and finally, I'm in the Berkshires and then recording this solo album in Rhode Island). By the time the dust settles on Aug. 17, Mike will be wearing a wedding ring and we'll have eight weeks to get an album together. Therefore, from the end of August through October, we're touring more than ever before to tighten up. We'll only be making two long trips, and just doing 3-day weekends the rest of the time. But that ought to get us tight. Then, we can focus on new material in a practice or two a week. Think about it, that's basically playing together 4-5 times a week for 6-8 weeks. Yeah, that ought to do the trick. And, hey, this is what we live for.

The question, of many questions, is: Who produces the record? When do we do it? We've looked at mid-October for months, but it might be smarter to push back to the first two weeks of November, just to make sure we are comfortable with the material. Not even just playing-wise, but making sure we are really putting forth the right songs. This album has to be big for us. It's a must.

So plenty to think about as the big day approaches (that is, for the band and for Mike).

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