Saturday, May 03, 2008

Weird, wild stuff

Crazy show last night. We played the Middle East Downstairs for Girls Guns & Glory's CD release party -- quite a big affair for our favorite gents -- but I really had no expectations for the night. I figured it would be a night of good times with a good crowd, which it was, but it also felt different. Something was strange about it. Not that it was a bad thing at all. Quite to the contrary, I think we personally had an excellent night.

We played second of four bands, so fairly early, but by the time we got on stage, I was dying to get up there. Yesterday was the first time I've felt the slightest bit mobile in two weeks thanks to the shingles, and while I had originally felt I would wear my guitar strap banjo-style over my right shoulder, I was able to be a normal human again and play a regular show. And this may have been the pick-me-up I personally needed after two weeks of wallowing in pain around the house. I'm not completely out of the woods yet, but I feel worlds better than I did just two days ago.

Anyhow, the band played well. We tried "Madeline" out as an opener, and I really thought it was a good choice. It felt right. I think that we've been playing locally so infrequently that I've been making sure that when we do play, we pull out the tunes people want to hear. But still, we're playing often enough to where the sets are starting to all feel the same, so this was a welcome change of pace. The crowd was into it, we got some familiar faces back who I haven't seen in awhile, and -- here's the wild part -- a lot of folks who knew who we were that I haven't seen before. A couple guys at the front called out for our Toadies cover, which wasn't planned, but I couldn't send them home unhappy. They were cool dudes, too. Another group of girls I've never seen crowded the merch box and filled out an entire page of the email list BEFORE we played, leaving a nice note about enjoying our songs and "good vibes." See what I mean? People were awesome last night. Hopefully it's all karmic. We also got a surprisingly long set, which we took full advantage of, randomly plunking songs into the middle of the set. It was just a good night, on the whole, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. If so, then there's a few people feeling good today.
SET LIST: Madeline / Debts / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Golden Fleece / On the Lam / You'll Be Crying Soon / I Come From the Water / Don't Get Me Wrong / Loose Lips / The Nadir / Whitewashed / Shotgun Wedding / Shine A Light

In the last couple weeks, with all this time to sit around the house, you'd think I had accomplished a lot. Maybe write some songs, update the blog, update the website, email folks. Unfortunately, I couldn't do any of that stuff. Didn't feel like sitting or standing, or doing anything. Couldn't sleep. So, alas, it was wasted time. But that's how it goes. Either way, I did manage to upload a few of the tracks from Animal Friends to our Myspace, which I hope you'll enjoy. The record, since so many asked last night, should be up in the next week or two. I handed it off to Creamer yesterday, and presuming he doesn't sit on his duff, we should get it up ASAP. I'll let you know. But I think it's a good summation of our live sound, something the band desperately needs to release these days since we sound so drastically different than the previous two studio records. It's raw, but then again, so are we. So it's accurate.

Also, the band is doing only private or unannounced shows (some really good ones, too, that should net a bit of cash for us, which we badly need) it appears for the month of May. June won't be much different. It's full steam ahead for the July 5 show at the Paradise now. I need to figure out how to pack that room, since last night's draw gave me a few doubts about the current lineup's ability to get a good crowd out. We'll see what happens. But ideas are welcome. Please just tell all of your friends to buy advance tickets, it's our only way of monitoring how well we'll do for the show.

If you only see one Cassavettes show this year, make it the Paradise on July 5. You won't regret it.

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