Sunday, May 18, 2008

Private moments

Since we're trying to keep our shows spaced appropriately apart, say six weeks or so, to maximize draw, we've taken a few private performances this month. This weekend is undoubtedly the best-paying weekend of the band's career, with private shows hugging both sides of the weekend. This is good news because it means new merch is on the way: new shirts, more CDs, and more. Hopefully, that cycles back.

On Friday, we played at the Artists for Humanity building in South Boston. I had gone to check the space out when I was sick with shingles and was thoroughly impressed. It's a completely green-sustainable building, totally glass-sided, that gives kids the opportunity to make and sell art, since a lot of art programs are buckling. Pretty neat. To pay the bills on the building itself, they rent it out to events like the one we played Friday. It was a convention for architects, and they did over the building is grandiose fashion -- definitely the fanciest shindig we've been a part of -- as Scott put it, like a "Batman Forever party." Oddly enough, Scott told me that later that night, he was talking to a guest who said something to the tune of, "It's like Batman's going to walk out any minute now." WHAT? Two people with the same offkilter description? Either way, the show was interesting to say the least. It was a cash cow, so we were willing to go outside the norm of our usual show. As the organizer put it to us during soundcheck when we were repeatedly asked to turn down: "Think of it less as performance and more as background." So, we were the evening's entertainment, besides some capoeria, and they were fairly nice when asking us to control the volume, though it was difficult to do. We also had to play for about three hours. We were supposed to play three 45-minute sets, but instead we played from 5:45-7:30 and then from 8-9:10. Long time. We only repeated a bit, though we did "jam out" the endings to some songs, including a 12-minute "Shine a Light," an 11-minute "Seasons," and a 8-minute "The Nadir." Crazy. Either way, glad its under our belt and would like to do another show like that sometime. For sure. Yeah, no question.
SET LIST(s) to the best of my recollection, though probably pretty wrong: Six Hours / You'll Be Crying Soon (quiet version) / The Devil's Arms / St. Anthony / The Nadir / Empire Central / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Bad Luck / Loose Lips / Whitewashed / On Our Own / Like Secrets Beneath / I'll Be Damned (debut) / Valley of Gold / Golden Fleece / Trouble From the Start / We Could Be Solo Acts / Seasons / Beginning of Ambivalent Farewells / BREAK / Ambivalent Farewells / Debts / Lights On (debut) / Madeline / the Devil's Arms / Six Hours / Lightning in a Bottle / You'll Be Crying Soon (regular) / On the Lam / Don't Get Me Wrong/ Research Blvd / It's Gonna Be Alright / Shine a Light

I think that's it -- 32 songs, three repeats. We were supposed to play other tunes, but they were too raucous for the quiet sets they wanted: St. Anthony (loud version), Nothing on You, A Hard Rain, Better Than This, Marie, Bad Television, and Shotgun Wedding.

Tomorrow, we're playing a prep school in Connecticut. Hopefully the kids like to rock. No idea on set lengths, but I hear we can play as long as we want. We'll probably do 60-75 minute set, making sure we give the folks what they want. I'll tell you how it goes.

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Anonymous animal friends said...

listen. it was over two weeks ago when I was supposedly going to be "available next week" and the readers were told that there were "details to come"

well here we are. no details. no cd.

when am I REALLY going to be released, dad?

26 May, 2008 18:00  
Anonymous glenn said...

good question, son. i heard this morning that the cd could be ready as soon as tomorrow.

27 May, 2008 11:39  

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