Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have a confession here: I haven’t been completely honest with you. And really, that’s a shame. See, things have been more active than ever behind the Cassavettes’ curtain, but alas, my posts have grown infrequent. Part of the reason is a betrayal of this blog’s mission: Lack of transparency.

Now, let’s not chalk it up to lack of trust. It’s just that since bringing in Creamer, instead of things becoming easier, I’ve had my hands more full than ever. So many decisions, and everything seems to be moving at 100 m.p.h. At the same time, so much of what is discussed is so fragile and fleeting that is would almost be pointless to post it. Furthermore, publicly, the band is supposed to maintain the façade of being fairly inactive -- spacing out shows so that momentum builds. So, it’s odd, to say the least: privately, you’re busy as hell with your music; publicly, you’ve got one show on July 5 and that’s it.

I’m not saying that I can write with more regularity (part of being so busy means I just don’t have the time – I’m currently writing illegally from the office) or that I can even divulge more of what we’re thinking (a cardinal blogging sin of my own construction). I just want you to know why.

Nonetheless, isn’t the point of the blog to document the life and times of the band? It’s a historical document, really, so that we can look back and laugh. Or whatever. There’s plenty to talk about that has passed.

Here’s what’s coming:
- An update on our Connecticut show from last Monday, which ended up being swashbuckling (or close to it)
- A wrap-up of our semi-surprise Great Scott show last night
- A rant about a scam we found out about before we got screwed

Sorry, the Nimbit thing is all screwed up. I wrote to them to fix. We'll see...

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