Sunday, March 30, 2008

Growing the team

It's high time I stop starting every post "it's been awhile." We all know this. But there's big news and big dreams on the horizon for this band.

We have brought in a fifth member of team Cassavettes, a good guy we've known a long time and has provided assistance and advice at crucial times: Michael Creamer (aka Creams or CreamDreamTeam or Creamer's Dreamers). He will serve as our manager, and has done the same for some of Boston's (and Knoxville's, wink) biggest bands for some time now -- Superdrag, Kay Hanley, Letters to Cleo, Todd Thibaud, Mic Harrison, Kim Taylor, etc. We all must continue to do our jobs as well, but I'm delighted to have someone who can "do what we can't," which was always the premise of bringing in someone "from the outside." I can assure you, this is no rushed decision, but rather a long time coming.

Things are picking up, too, as we're working on way back from a time that wasn't necessarily un-busy, but perhaps more quiet. The month of April will see us on the road nearly every weekend, in NYC next week, in Philly the week after (to play with Superdrag!!!), and in Delaware the week after that. In May, we're playing only one local show but it's a good one -- Girls Guns & Glory's CD Release at the Middle East Downstairs. And as for the summer, we've booked our three-year show -- headlining the Paradise Rock Club! So things are on their way.

Last night, we played our first local show since rocking the Hard Rock on March 1. We headlined the 2nd annual Alt Country Festival. This year, organizer and local rocker Mike MacDonald switched the venue from Harper's Ferry to Church and split the bill over two days. Both were wise moves. The crowd was large and there for music (imagine that). People were dancing, and they stuck around through each band -- it helped, of course, that the bill was EXCELLENT, comprised of some of the region's best bands. Now, no one seems to know exactly what alt country is, if it exists, and if does, if Cassavettes is it, but we were happy to represent. It felt good to be up on stage with these crazy cats again. Maybe it's that we don't currently have a practice space, and thus don't play as much, but it feels like forever since we all slung some tunes together. Last night was fun (albeit a bit sloppy) but the energy and the vibe were there. And that's all that matters.

SET LIST: A Hard Rain / You'll Be Crying Soon / Debts / Golden Fleece / On the Lam / Madeline / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / St. Anthony / Loose Lips / Shotgun Wedding / Shine A Light

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Blogger JoJosho said...

See please here

30 March, 2008 12:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

creamer's creamy dream of the cream dream team

30 March, 2008 15:24  
Blogger Chris said...

figures that the one show that i couldn't make it to you played hard rain

i haven't heard that since the great scott show like 2 years ago!

30 March, 2008 18:54  
Anonymous aj and fritz writing together said...

yeah chris, too bad you "couldn't" make it. i'm sure you had work or something, but defintely nothing you "chose to do over coming to show." that would "never" happen.

30 March, 2008 23:21  
Anonymous fritz said...

i bet aj and fritz didnt write the last comment. i def didnt write it so i'm fifty percent sure.

congrats on the new manager nad the cool gigs coming up!

31 March, 2008 08:36  
Anonymous glenn said...

thanks fritz. want to drive to NYC? we should take down a few folks in my van and your car. i didnt write it either, which basically narrows the field to scott (probable) and aj himself (devilish).

31 March, 2008 13:15  
Anonymous AJ himself said...

I didn't write it. I dreamed it. Then, my soul flew out of my body when I was clearing out my sinus cavities into a cup and posessed the body of Fritz. Then, my soul hung out with the Ghost of Raplh Yarborough. And it was exactly like my dream.

02 April, 2008 21:41  
Blogger Akinogal said...

See Please Here

06 April, 2008 06:00  

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