Monday, March 17, 2008

The boys are back in town

Whirlwind trip, man. I'm back in Dallas, Mike is en route to Boston by way of Nashville, and Scott and Matt will be along tonight. I'm glad I got one last day in Dallas yesterday, because it was a good one filled with burgers, Chinese food, Powerade slushes, basketball, and guitar jams. But let's roll the Austin highlight reel...

When last we spoke, I was foolishly boasting that I had gotten into every show I wanted to, despite not having a badge or a wrist band. Since then, my luck changed significantly. The last two days in Austin were not nearly as productive as the first two, as we were denied from several shows we wanted to see. Luckily, I did manage to sneak in seeing old friends Black Tie Dynasty, but that was about it. Plus, the last two days were filled with crisis, maybe from people not used to this crazy road life (i.e. hey man, it wasn't the band; we were born on the road -- sure sure).

Anyway, Saturday morning we played Lovejoys on the corner of 6th and Neches. We had gone over the previous day to scope it out after seeing a sizzling set by Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves (our good friend Emeen is now on board with them). The club was a solid rock and roll dive bar... smokey, smelly, low stage, and even lower lighting. We were ready to go.

I had trouble sleeping the night before, despite finally finagling the couch I was entitled to from Scott's bony grasp. I wasn't worried about playing the show, but I was worried about getting what we needed to play the show. You see, we only traveled with guitars, drumsticks, and a small amp. We needed to borrow drums, a bass amp, a guitar amp, cables, and a stomp box. Yes, attentive reader, we DID bring drums down from Dallas, but those were for emergency usage only. Matt located a kit in Austin and headed out the morning of the show to get them. I got to the club an hour before showtime where Kim Taylor's crew lent me an amp and Buffalo Beard gave me a stomp box and the requisite cables. Someone eventually lent Scott a bass amp, and Buffalo Beard told us to just use their drums (totally cool of them, but this should have been arranged in advance). Anyway, I told Matt to return the drums and hightail it down to Lovejoys. By no fault of his own, he and Mike got there after we were set to start.

As a result, we hardly got a soundcheck and we only got to play for 20 minutes, of what was supposed to be 45 minutes. Plus, due to the lack of soundcheck, the first half of our set sounded fairly bad. I wish I didn't allow this to ruin my mood, but I did. I never got as into it as the other guys, which is too bad. Well, people seemed to dig it anyway. That's good. I just wish we could have done it properly, but we're still at the point where we'll take what we can get at SXSW.
SET LIST: Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Debts / Madeline / On the Lam / Golden Fleece / Shine A Light

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