Sunday, March 02, 2008

Road gigs, dude

Whenever I post a negative review of the band I always feel like the sea captain in that episode of the Simpsons where Homer becomes a food critic. When all of the chefs around the city convene to discuss Homer's recent tendency to write a bad review, the Chinese food chef asked the sea captain why he posted the bad review in his window. Of course, because it covers his expired food license. So, it makes you wonder when I post these reviews in a so-called attempt at "transparency," whether I'm really hiding bigger skeletons in my closet. That being said, see Skope Magazine rip us, GGG, and pretty much everyone from our show last month.
If you like pop music but don’t want to admit it, this is your bag. The best part of catching a few songs by this band was that it reminded me of some really good times I’ve had. I remember a couple years ago on a steamy 4th of july night discussing what the most over-rated band in history was. There were many contenders, but the far-and-away winner was U2. This band reminds me of what I find so mediocre about U2. They also brought to mind seeing the Spinanes a decade ago in Oregon. Why? Because The Spinanes where good largely because of the stripped down concept, the minimalist approach to pop music. The Cassavettes at their best might sound like that, except made more detailed and complicated than necessary. Their attempts at sounding heartfelt are just that, attempts, and though the singer has some vocal abillity, all in all, this band seems to be pushing a lack of inspiration to it’s limits in a bid for success. I wouldn’t see them again. Of course in their defense, the Middle East upstairs has notoriously bad sound and could make Woody Guthrie sound like a 3-ring pop-rock circus.

Unmemorable. I had to look them up on myspace just to remember what the sounded like. It feels more pop than country, but neither works very well. Just not for me.

Always good to get the bad news out of the way first. Other than that, things have been moving along nicely, as we get ready for SXSW next week. Our show last Friday at the Beachcomber was canceled due to a blizzard, but we kept busy this week with three shows in three nights.

The first was in East Burke, Vt., with just Mike and I doing the acoustic thing. It was awesome, I thought. We got fair pay, they gave us two hotel rooms, and it was the coveted ski gig, which usually comes with ski passes, though we didn't get a chance to use those. We played the Bear Den, and filled up two and a half hours with a mixture of covers, standbys, and new stuff. It was fun. J-Quay and TD came with, and we all had a merry time, driving through the snow globe-esque villages of western New Hampshire and eastern Vermont. Photos by J-Quay.

The next night, Matt and Scott met us in Rochester, NH, for a show with the Digbees at Slim's. This is just down the street from the bank that was the scene of a hostage situation in the Clinton campaign a couple months back during the primaries. On the way down from Vermont, we had time to kill so we stopped at a couple roadside diners and a few other attractions. At a trading post on Lake Winnipausaukee, I bought a giant Swiss army knife that has everything but the kitchen sink. It would have come in handy the night before, for its cork screw, but now we're prepared if the band gets into a knife fight on the road, or needs a magnifying glass to read the small print on contracts. Anyway, the show that night was pretty cool. We had to play quieter, though we didn't really, and it may have turned some folks off. Whatever. We got slightly bozo-ed and made merry.

SET LIST: Bad Television / Madeline / Golden Fleece / Debts / The Nadir / On the Lam / Loose Lips / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

Finally, we made our way back to Boston to play a show with Breaking Laces and The Shills at the Hard Rock last night. I've never been there before, much less played there, but they certainly did treat the bands well, it seemed. The sound was a little messy but I think it all balanced out in the end. The show itself, I'm not too sure what to think of it. I don't think we played extremely well, though Matt told me we did play well. But one thing is for sure: it was a good night for crowd interaction. And that's all that matters. Everyone had a good time, I think, myself included. I was laughing almost nonstop. I nearly couldn't play. Why? Must have been the hospitality.

SET LIST: Trouble From the Start / Debts / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / You'll Be Crying Soon / Golden Fleece / Madeline / Shotgun Wedding / On the Lam / I Come From the Water / Shine A Light

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02 March, 2008 11:23  
Anonymous Mike said...

Uh, don't click on that comment that says "Attention!".

It's bad news for you and your family and your computer.

Because it kicks you off the internet and tells you you may have a virus.

04 March, 2008 21:03  
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you clicked it?!?

06 March, 2008 08:38  
Anonymous Frank said...

well it looks kind of important..

06 March, 2008 10:28  
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Yeah!?! I fell for it, alright!!! Like a bag of hammers!?!!1!!!! What a dope!!!

06 March, 2008 21:59  
Anonymous Lauren Roo. said...

Never trust a reviewer (or anyone for that matter) with poor grammar/word context. The only similarities between you boys and U2 are your humanity and Glenn likes to shop at The Gap.

07 March, 2008 07:38  
Anonymous frank the big dog said...

i say you should click it. who ya gonna trust/what ya gonna do

07 March, 2008 15:36  
Anonymous scott said...

lauren, we'd all shop at the gap if we had bono's green thumb, or as we americans say, his $$$$$$$. but instead i'm forced to sneak into horse stables at night and have chris tie hay around my private parts. WHOOPS i let the secret out, big deal. chris is never going to help me out again, though.

07 March, 2008 15:42  
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