Monday, January 21, 2008

Press whipped

Listen, I'm not one to argue with the media. Sure, I think they (we?) can be wrong, and I think every journalist would agree. Furthermore, I'm not interested in biting the hand that feeds me, you dig? But there's something strangely offensive about this article today that covers Rodfest -- and it has nothing to do with Cassavettes, so it isn't about vanity.

This line: "A return to country music came via Girls, Guns & Glory, which featured former members of Moynahan's own failed attempts at playing music." Moynahan, mind you, is Gregory Moynahan, aka Rod, the guy who this festival is all about. Now, I'm not meaning to split hairs here, but who is this writer to call his attempts at music "failed"? He died, so I'm not thinking that that is the most fair assessment of musical talent. Something about that just rubbed me the wrong way.

For the most part, the rest of the article is fairly good and nice, with only two mentions of us (including one calling us "good-natured idiots" -- that's justified, I went onstage with Mike's tiny little shirt on, popped it open with my belly, and danced like a ballerina to and fro with a Red Sox hat I found).

It was up to Cassavettes (whose lead singer Glenn Yoder works for to inject some energy into the show with rootsy takes on power pop, Coldplay-ish anthems and the occasional spitfire country blaster. ... Rogue Heroes gave the evening a stylistic shift, drawing from the post-punk new wave and focusing nerviness and clipped, driving drumbeats into angsty power-trio rock. With members of Cassavettes dancing like good-natured idiots behind them, they provided a totally different (if neatly complementary) energy to the evening, especially on the Dropkick Murphys-like "Good Old Boys Don't Die."

That's all good. Not a kind assessment of the Bowen Street Band ("The sold-out event, ... got off to an unpromising start with the Bowen Street Band, whose jammy ambling offered blues licks without the blues and funk grooves without the funk"), but that's not my beat to cover. This blog is all Cassavettes, all the time. Now, that's vanity for you.

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Anonymous Blues w/no blues, funk w/no funk said...

I'm in the Bowen Street Band. First, I want to say the Cassavettes are great. You guys collectively and individually rock and I will definitely be catching shows in the future. Anywho, the writer from the Globe is off base with his comments and I agree completely with your observations, the fact that this was a memorial show got lost on this guy...The BSB is fine with the fact that we didn't tickle his fancy...I've forgotten more about music then that hack (article writer) knows...Good luck with everything in the future, Keep rockin!
Steve from the Bowen Street Band

22 January, 2008 05:35  
Anonymous glenn said...

thanks steve! i concur, he was definitely harsh on you, which i think was definitely unjustified. im not telling anyone to do their jobs here, but it is indeed odd that it was a local memorial show that got dissected that heavily. that was my impulse reaction. lets do a show together soon!

22 January, 2008 09:05  

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