Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Live and crazy

I haven't formally announced it, but the Herald took care of it for me. We're doing a new record (possibly) on Friday -- a live CD.

Cassavettes alive!

Cassavettes has some business to tend to before jumping into the studio.

The blossoming local Americana/folk-rock quartet is aiming to capture its live energy on its next release by hitting the Milkhouse performance space in Allston this weekend to record a private performance for friends and fans. The end result, it’s hoped, will be something for everyone to enjoy.

“The idea is that hopefully this cements us as a strong live act, which has been our general reputation, but could use a boost,” said guitarist Glenn Yoder. “And, equally importantly, (it will cement Cassavettes as) a fun group of dudes. More than anything, it’s a party.”

If the band is pleased with the outcome, the Milkhouse session should appear on disc by the spring.

That should hold over Cassavettes fans until the band records a studio album this summer in Knoxville, Tenn., with producer Don Coffey Jr. of Superdrag.

Cassavettes’ next open-to-the-public gig is Feb. 8 at the Middle East in Cambridge, alongside Drag the River and Girls Guns and Glory.

Should be sweet.

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Anonymous boo bird said...

If I were there I'd boo a lot to try and ruin the recording

30 January, 2008 09:34  
Anonymous glenn said...

thats what makes you a boo bird.

30 January, 2008 13:42  
Anonymous fritz said...

look at how young and nubile your bodies are in that picture! those were the days.

31 January, 2008 08:40  
Blogger Fritz Ceriales said...

another fritz?

31 January, 2008 12:00  
Anonymous scott said...

yeah, has to be another fritz.

01 February, 2008 06:59  
Anonymous glenn said...

no, there's only one fritz. the guy with the "fritz ceriales" account is actually named frank. fritz is a myth. well, besides the first fritz. it would have to be your bull.

02 February, 2008 21:40  

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