Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A fresh start

Last night, after all was said and done, Matt said he wished he had pulled the plug on New Year's. I'm not in the same boat -- I had a great time and it was better than nothing -- but there were indeed some serious miscalculations. I'm not certain what happened, but I do feel as though we got ripped off. We were on the cusp of a really great New Year's Eve show in front of a lot of people, and we did our best, and it just didn't materialize. I'll say we did the best we could with what was at hand. If I could go back three months and do it differently, believe me, I would. It wouldn't be at Copperfield's, for one (keep in mind, this is the place where we did a show right when the band started, a cancer benefit, and a bartender yelled at us, "Turn it down, this isn't fucking Fenway Park." That didn't happen this time, close though. That dude was there and looked PISSED). But alas, we ended the night on a sour note after getting rough 1/6 of what we expected to get paid. Not that payment is everything, but it was sort of a barometer of the success of the night -- which means low. Low success. And the sinking feeling of getting robbed. To top it all off, I got pulled over by a cop after dropping Mike off, and the cop asks TD and I, "Where are you folks headed?" I say I'm just a couple streets away from my house. "Reason I pulled you over is we've got a car that was just stolen that matches this description, but you folks are fine, head on home." Oh really? You have a white soccer mom van, a hot commodity amongst thiefs, with silly Virginia vanity plates that matched the description? It just happened to be on New Year's Eve when you're out patrolling and looking for ANY excuse to pull somebody over and try to nail them for drinking and driving? You could tell this guy was lying and was slightly disappointed that I was stonecold sober. Cool.

Now, the show was fun, that's for sure. Each band did two sets, so we played at about 10 p.m. and a little past midnight. Both sets were pretty rocking, a lot of movement and what not. Scott transferred his usual stage move, unplugging himself, to me, and unplugged me at least 10 times, always when it would go to a part where just I play ("Debts," "Empire Central," etc.), but he was rocking, so what are you going to do. My distortion also kept mysteriously flickering on in quiet songs, and I'd look down and Scott would be rolling on the ground atop my pedals. Very strange. This was the first time, I believe, the band played two covers in one set that wasn't a cover set, like Halloween. We brought back Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl," which Scott shredded on, and tried the Toadies' "I Come From the Water." Man, that Toadies tune takes it out of my voice. We did the back-to-back-to-back combo of "Shotgun," Toadies, and "Shine a Light," and I walked offstage with hardly a voice. But that's cool. Quite rocking.
SET 1: Debts / It's Gonna Be Alright / On the Lam / You'll Be Crying Soon / Cinnamon Girl / Trouble from the Start / Whitewashed / Golden Fleece

SET 2: Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / The Nadir / Research Blvd. / Empire Central / Loose Lips / Shotgun Wedding / I Come From the Water / Shine a Light

The cool thing about the two sets idea is that it gave us a break, a chance to mingle on NYE and watch our two buddy bands and dance wildly. Definitely a fun time. I knew it would be a night to remember, I just wish it had been organized differently.

Today, I'm going to check out a studio for a possible recording project. Hopefully, all goes well. In the meantime, check out the madness from last night, including Cassavettes rocker Mike McCullagh in front of a giant photo of his rock idol Elvis. Pretty cool. More photos coming later from a pro who was shooting them there!

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