Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Year's hype

I want New Year's to be sweet. I know it will be. Tickets should be in soon. But the flyer was finished today by Martin, and posted on all the usual boards. Anyhow, one particularly funny thread, entitled "Cute Boys Alert!!!", contained this user comment: "That one dude in Cassavettes is devastating."

Chris (brokenfuses), a BLT devotee, explains to me (insertiovalencia) while sharing this thread with me at work...
brokenfuses (4:09:09 PM): "That one dude in Cassavettes is devastating."
brokenfuses (4:09:10 PM): Hahaha
insertiovalencia (4:09:52 PM): what does that mean?
insertiovalencia (4:10:12 PM): did martin post it under the title "cute boys alert"?
brokenfuses (4:10:36 PM): The thread is titled "cute boys alert" and that guy is saying that one dude is devastatingly cute -- probably just mike
insertiovalencia (4:10:57 PM): oh really, chris? why mike? haha
insertiovalencia (4:11:06 PM): do YOU think mike is the cutest?
brokenfuses (4:11:21 PM): haha thats conventional knowledge!

Looks like we found out who Chris' Cassavettes crush is: Mike. Not surprising, they'd be a good match. I told Chris the story of when Mike and I first started the band, one of our first discussions about the group. It was just Mike and I, the other guys hadn't joined up yet. So, Mike says to me, "I'll be the good looking one in the band" and I said "Wait, what band? Right now, it's just you and me, so all you're saying is that you're better looking than me." I was joking with him, but he always seemed upset when I'd bring it up. At this point, now that "conventional knowledge" has solidified his place as the best looking, the story is just funny. And besides, I'd take a bite out of Mike.



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