Monday, December 31, 2007

First night or last night?

"Tonight's the Night" really is a great record. In all my Neil binging, I sometimes overlook great things, or take them for granted, or whatever. A lot of the time Crazy Horse records go by the wayside. Either way, fittingly, tonight is indeed the night.

We've taken a long time off to prepare for this show. That means get new songs in order, covers, get tight, and promote the hell out of it. Unfortunately, almost none of those things happened. In a rather tumultuous break from band, we've been so busy taking a break, that we literally took a break. The show planning has been a total disaster, with the first gig falling through and then countless venues coming and going for this lineup, and yet, I'm not too worried. In our first practice in a dog's age last night, we sounded OK. The general plan is to do two shorter sets each, probably around 30 minutes. So we'll play second and fifth. We've got two covers planned. While the Facebook invite looks ominously low as far as confirmed guests, people keep saying the show will sell out regardless -- hey, it's New Year's Eve.

It's too bad we didn't get much of a chance to promote the show. It's a good, strong bill with a familiar feel. A lot of the band's worry lately has been voiced over the fact that, well, no one knows about the show. And yet, the Boston Herald deemed the show "Off the First Night radar" today:

Three Day Threshold, Cassavettes, Girls Guns and Glory, Copperfield’s, 98 Brookline Ave., Boston, 8 p.m., $20.

Maybe it’s because Copperfield’s isn’t quite entrenched on the local rock map, but this show rates among the best in the city tonight. Each band could headline its own alt-country New Year’s Eve hoedown, but together they create the closest thing we get to a Nashville new year.

This will be a good, fun way to toast 2007 -- a year that saw us accomplish a lot, fill with optimism, and perhaps for the first time, truly stagnate. Nonetheless, we're ushering in a year that I fully expect to be a big year. A new record, maybe a few, hopefully more touring and hopefully some serious steps. It's all on the horizon, and it starts tonight. Happy New Year!

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