Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving thanks, to you and yours

NOTE: Sunday's show at JJ Foley's has been canceled. Our next Boston show is New Year's Eve at JJ Foley's.

There isn't much going on in the land o' Cassavettes right now. Perhaps you thought that the quiet lately meant we were secretly concocting something huge. Beyond our plans for an INCREDIBLE New Year's Eve show with Three Day Threshold and Girls Guns & Glory and a few discussions with some helpful locals to steer us in the right direction, this is about the quietest I can remember the band being since we formed 2 1/2 years ago. There are a multitude of factors for this: I've been busy at work and hardly checking email, MySpace, etc. The band may be worn out following the tour, though I don't think so (although I do think we'd be more jazzed if we ended the tour in a more grand fashion).

No, it's just all quiet. We're hardly practicing anymore, as well, and that's OK by me, for some strange reason (though when we do, the focus has been and will be on new material, which really must be priority numero uno -- and I couldn't be more pleased with the practice this week, in which we introduced two new songs, one of mine called something like "Bad Television" and one of Mike's, probably called "Madeline"). While I used to lose it if we missed a single practice in a three times a week schedule, now I'm content to meet once (if that, it seems) at our new space which is harder to pin down. Hey, we've been busy. Everyone needs to earn money following the tour. I nearly went completely broke. But I'd do it again. No doubt in my mind.

It's strange, you know, although nothing's happening and we are probably losing a little momentum (or feeling as though we are), I'm OK with that. A band ebbs and flows, its popularity rises and falls. Oftentimes bands fade back a bit and then return with a bang. Very rarely do you consistently hear about a band year-round. To market a group, you have to pick your points of promotion and then, make it count. Since we started this band, we've been building and building. Building without looking back. It worked great and it felt great and I'd do that again, too. But eventually, nobody believes you if you tell them again and again that THIS IS THE BIGGEST SHOW EVER. Now, we're at the point where we can slow down, take our time, and pace things right for us. To put the care into each show that it deserves and build it up so that it really is the biggest show ever. Hopefully.

Anyway, that's the logic. Don't be concerned that you haven't heard much from us since the tour ended. We've got plans, we're just taking our time setting them into motion. For now, I can guarantee you one thing: New Year's Eve is going to be outrageous. I'll fill you in on all the details as they arrive to me, but plan on spending it with us. We're going to enjoy this.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey You Guys Rock! I am gonna be there at the show and bring a house full of friends, It the New Years show at Copperfields or JJ Foleys?

Give any bad boston drivers a copy of your CD...It's gonna change.....

09 December, 2007 07:13  
Anonymous glenn said...

hey, cool comment! yeah, we do, have some... the show is going to be at copperfields. details forthcoming! thanks!

10 December, 2007 09:43  

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