Sunday, November 11, 2007

Faith no more

You know, I'm really losing faith in mankind lately. Well, that's a bit dramatic. I'm just getting ticked by how hostile people are; how quick they are to let their anger bubble over. Take last night for instance: Great night, awesome show, we go to get pizza and a group of guys are basically just looking for a fight. After initially starting as a semi-normal conversation about film, it escalates out of nowhere to the point where they insult my girlfriend, nearly ruin what would be a splendid evening, and all over what? Nothing. Just some guys looking to prove their pathetic worth to each other. Anyhow, so before that's even settled in, I'm driving home from work today, and a big silver truck gets right up on my tail, starts flashing his lights at me. Now, we are in a tunnel, moving a brisk 45 MPH, the speed limit, with heavy congestion all around. We're on the speed limit, but it's still a traffic jam, you know? So, there's nowhere for him to go to get around me and there's nowhere for me to go IF I even wanted to get out of his way. Finally, an entrance ramp provides another lane to our left and he speeds around me. He looks at me, I just put my hands up like, "Hey, that's how it is," and he gives me the finger and makes a violent gesture. HAS THE WORLD GONE CRAZY? These are minor issues. Why do you have to ruin someone else's day over them? Ah, decency, where have you gone?

Anyhow, it all rolls off. I'm not going to let the few ruin my day, and we shouldn't either. So, let's talk about the show. Last night was our second time at the Middle East Downstairs. The last time, you may recall, we were headlining our two-year birthday show. This time, we were second of three bands (the fabulous Everyday Visuals and Chauncey). It's quite a different experience to not stress over filling up a room with a 575 capacity (we did just fine, too). This was another birthday of sorts -- Mike's. He turns 23 today, so last night was his night. And what a night it was! The crowd was so loving -- it was everything we missed while playing empty rooms far, far away. We were really soaking it up, too, just having a great time with each other. The only down parts with a few flubs, my amp fizzing once, and Scott coming unplugged three times. I've been telling Scott that for his birthday, I would buy him a new bass case (the current one is being held together by duct tape), but more and more I am considering buying him a wireless system. He is resistent to the idea, saying he would feel lame, but it may be necessary. There was no reason to come unplugged three times last night (usually when he does it's because the cords were too short) -- all these cords were plenty long. And never before have I seen a musician with such stage wanderlust (though I hear tale of the Riverboat Gamblers front man running outside the club mid-set with a wireless mic), which is ABSOLUTELY GREAT and I wouldn't want him to stop, but totally conducive to unplugging one's self. Having a wireless would set him free; he could roam about the crowd and the room -- the fans would love, we would love it, everyone wins. And it would end the unpluggings, which would be grand considering that among the instruments, the bass and drums are really the two that MUST be consistent and never leave the mix, unless its intentional. This is not Scott's fault, just the way things are. Maybe I'll buy Scott a wireless system and Matt a spare drumstick holder. That'd be sweet. Either way, the unplugging didn't mess anything up, it was merely a minor inconvenience. And nothing could have really wrecked this night, including some punks looking for a fight. We wouldn't let it. It was that good.

SET LIST: Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / On the Lam / You'll Be Crying Soon / Golden Fleece / Trouble From the Start / Whitewashed / Debts / Loose Lips / Shotgun Wedding / Shine a Light

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Anonymous Mike said...

The dude from Riverboat Gamblers has an incredibly loong mic cable that he brings to every show. He tends to lasso things/people with it and one point, at the flamingo cantina in austin, he wrapped it around a balcony over and over and swung from it. He fell from the balcony to the dance floor and landed on his knees and just kept rocking.

Back in bleeding earth, Joe had a wireless system. This was kind of lame for two reasons. The first being that Joe remained relatively motionless (especially compared to A.J., Casey and I) thus negating the need for a wireless system. The second and more important reason this was a lame purchase was that it buzz incessently in a very Spinal Tap plays the Air Force base way. Perhaps it was just an inferior model.

In Cone-clusion, here's the scoop. A wireless system is great in theory, but often bad in practice. I'm all for it if we can find one that sounds good though. I have a feeling Scott will learn to love his new freedom. We may never see him during a show again.

12 November, 2007 10:39  
Anonymous Mike, again said...

Wow, My most typo-ridden comment ever. Whatevs. People can still catch my drift, 'spose.

12 November, 2007 10:41  
Anonymous scott jones said...

yeah one of my main arguments against getting a wireless is that "i would feel like joe laubacher"

12 November, 2007 13:24  
Anonymous fritz said...

since you have U8DUST vanity plates, maybe the dude in the truck wanted to eat dust and was just disappointed you didnt feed him.

sorry to hear about the fight. about what film? well, glad it was just fight with words and not fists flying.

the show was awesome! great night indeed!

12 November, 2007 15:42  

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