Friday, November 02, 2007

Come from behind

Alright, listen. I know I've fallen far behind. Things have been nuts since we returned -- I took a new job that I'm still learning and that is a far different schedule than before (not to mention full time right now), the band went crazy trying to finish the tour and play a show at Northeastern then prepare for the Halloween show on Wednesday, Jimmy is coming into town in an hour from Dallas, and I just haven't had time to stop and look around. Let alone blog. This has been a really, really, really stressful and odd week. But here's the good news: I have a blog half in the can that I wrote Monday that I just need to finish, a sort of tour wrap-up. I will try to finish that now before Jimmy comes and it will be posted BEFORE this blog, as if I published it Monday (that's just the way Blogger works). Then, if I have time, I'll update you on the Northeastern show, the Halloween show, and what's up next for us. Sound cool? Cool. Also, I'm trying to get a new cord for my camera -- we lost the last one on the road -- which means I have pictures from Tennessee onward stuck on the contraption that would be great to share with you. But first things first. To the blog!



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