Thursday, September 20, 2007

Van in hand

Well, it was a whirlwind trip, but the band has a van. I'm happy to report it has everything we could want or need and more. I added the finishing touches by getting a hookup for the iPod and cell phone. Plenty of space for the instruments, even storage for luggage. I figure everyone is packing roughly 5-7 days worth of clothes, that we'll wash when we can, and just wear them a couple times if we need to. Shouldn't be too bad. My main concern was whether the van's bucket seats were wide enough apart to shove the keyboard up the middle. After eyeballing it, I'm confident they are. There should be plenty of room. And the back has plenty of space, too. Unfortunately, our custom vanity license plate will not be ready for installation until we visit Norfolk, Va., next month.

The van gets decent gas mileage, about 25 miles to the gallon on the highway, or so I read. On the trip from Virginia, despite getting lost twice and taking a two and half hour break at my grandmother's house, Tara and I made it in roughly 10.5 hours. For all that driving, it only used 1.25 tanks of gas. Not too shabby.

Also, this morning, I firmed up a BIRTHDAY show -- that is, a show on Scott's birthday, Oct. 25 in Cleveland. Looks good! No word yet on whether Columbus is happening next week, which is odd, and close... Finally, I took a date at Northeastern two days after we get back from the tour because the money offer was good and would help us start to pay off possible debts that we will have accrued. That is only two days before the Halloween show, but it won't conflict because the Halloween thing isn't us -- it's Neil Young.

So, we're full steam ahead for next week and Leg 1 of the tour. I'm pretty pumped -- I just need to remember to make a file of directions, get the proper food stuffs for the trip, and determine how we minimize packing personal stuff. Should be a good testing of the waters.

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Blogger Tomasito said...

I hope Leg 8 makes it back to Tejas. Cause it's a whole 'nother country down here. I'd take you kayaking and I'd even help carry equipment. It would be well worth my help to come down here. You know it.

21 September, 2007 07:58  
Anonymous glenn said...

hey tommy,
congrats on being a new uncle! i meant to post about d's baby, but i missed it!

21 September, 2007 08:26  
Anonymous rob said...

did you transfer the skulls rear
view mirror? cuz it just wouldn't
be right if you didnt.javascript:void(0)
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21 September, 2007 13:55  
Anonymous glenn said...

nah, we didnt. this van has some sort of controls on its rearview so im scared to mess with it. bummer.

22 September, 2007 21:08  

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