Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two of us

Couple crazy shows these last two days. Actually, in 11 hours, we played two shows. And boy, was it stressful. But cool. Real cool. Let's get to the details.

Last night, we had our inaugural performance at The Baseball Tavern with good buddies Slow Century, Hector On Stilts, and Red Red Rockit. Actually, this show didn't feel so inaugural. We've been down with Martin for awhile now, and it just felt right. The thing is, this show was bumpy before it started. Martin had a last minute add-on -- a band from New Orleans who were doing a label showcase across the street before the entertainment license got pulled. They wanted on our show, I said OK figuring it would nice and I'd appreciate if someone did that for me, but they needed the specific slot of 10:30-11. OK... That's fine, but things didn't work out that way. Red Red Rockit opened as planned, Hector On Stilts showed up late, no one wanted to trade slots, and so after RRR, we had 45 minutes of no live music. Everything got pushed way, way back. Then, Slow Century wanted to trade slots with Hector, and Martin asked to cut down sets. It was mayhem. Needless to say, we didn't go on until fairly late. Nonetheless, the crowd stuck around for the most part, we danced and had a good time, Julie got a cake and flowers for her birthday, I accidentally whacked Scott in the head with my guitar (which he said would be a good "road story," although last time I checked, we were 20 minutes from home), and we got phat paid. This was, after all, a benefit to support the tour. Now, we have some funds to help with gas on the road, thank goodness. Thanks to everyone for coming out and stick around. It was, as they say, a gas.

SET LIST: Shotgun Wedding / She's A Bright Light / We Could Be Solo Acts / Debts / Golden Fleece / Trouble From The Start / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / The Nadir / You'll Be Crying Soon / On The Lam / Six Hours / Shine A Light / It's Gonna Be Alright / Research Blvd (encore)

The downside of doing such a late show? We had to wake up early -- not a good rock and roll mix. It was a disaster, anyway. We were playing a free show at Northeastern, for which we were paid well enough, but there was no stage, no outlets, and no power strip. Furthermore, everyone seemed preoccupied with other stuff. So, it was a rough show. Tara and I had to get to her uncle's wedding, putting a cap on how long we could potentially play, and by the time they gave us the necessary materials, we only had time for four songs. So that was that. What this means is when broken down to a pay to song ratio, this is the largest amount of money we've probably ever gotten per song. So, it wasn't all bad. But there was a scary moment. The new van ended up dying and needed a jump, which scared me at first, but now I realize we had sat around running the battery for over an hour -- it just died, or so it seems. I haven't had any trouble with it since, and I did a lot of driving afterward. I'm fairly confident we'll be good to go for the tour.
SET LIST: Shotgun Wedding / Loose Lips / Six Hours / You'll Be Crying Soon

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that picture of chris and mike is hilarious! it's like chris is trying to be superman or underdog

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