Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trading spaces

Last day before Leg 1 begins. I'm excited to get out there, and it will be a prime opportunity for us to test the waters of touring. Since we're only going out for a week and then returning, we'll know how tough three weeks is going to be.

The plan was for everyone to sleep over tonight, since we need to leave so goshdarn early -- about 5 or 6 a.m. Mike says he is used to waking up early for a living, and that he will be fine to make it over to my house from his house. Fair enough. We can't be hung up by anything, though. This drive is over 12 hours long, and any traffic could be devastating. The good news is that my friend Nikki lives in Columbus and has offered us a place to sleep! Plus, she'll probably be the only one in the crowd! So, now we can get a good sleep after Columbus and all the driving, then head to Cincinnati on Thursday in time for Superdrag.

We should make it fine. I got the van checked out this morning, the battery is fine after our little flap earlier in the week. I knew we just ran it down with all sorts of crazy contraptions. I did a cleaning, too, and got it ready to go (installed its new vanity license plate, borrowed some jumper cables from Matt, etc).

Furthermore, when doing some amateur mathematics the other day, I figured out we may break even on trip. Incredible. If we spend money in the band account on just gas and hotels, figured around one tank used per day (at $60 to fill) and saying that we may stay in hotels 15 days at about $60 a night, we should come out ahead! Fifteen days may be generous, too, considering I don't think we should take a hotel unless absolutely necessary. None of this would be possible, of course, without the generous donations we received last week at the benefit show. So, THANK YOU!

Last night, we did something we've needed to do for a long time: Moved spaces. That last space on Boylston Street was nasty, and we've been there wayyyyyy too long (two different spaces over the past two years). I'm fairly certain I've been getting sick more than usual in the past year because of mold in the space. I'm sick right now. I blame that space. Anyway, the new spot is sweet -- in Everett, not far from where I live. I moved some heavy stuff, even though my back hurt like none other. I think I strained it lifting stuff the day before or playing basketball. Either way, moving stuff wasn't the smartest idea, but it had to be done. So, TD bought me some heating pads and I slept with those on.

This morning, I sold my 12-string Rickenbacker copy after a year-long love affair. It was a cool guitar, I just didn't have the time and patience to fix it. I got exactly what I paid for it, meaning it was completely pointless (never got to play it at a show, never profited). Tara agreed to ship it to NJ for me, while we're on tour. What a gal!

But with this cash, I can do some upkeep to the guitars I do use. It's time to re-set up the SG and get my hollowbody ready for Leg 2. Oh yeah. Leg 2. But first, we must tackle Leg 1. I'll try to update as much as possible!

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Anonymous mel said...

hope you fellas are having fun!

28 September, 2007 14:01  

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