Sunday, September 30, 2007

Press wave

Just a few cool writeups that have come our way over the last week. As I noted, we were stopped by the Cincinnati Post. Here's what they wrote about our take on the convention, complete with misspelling of Mike's name and a second half of a quote from me that I don't recall saying.
"It's a big learning experience, said Mike McCollagh of the Boston-based band Cassavettes.

"It's great any time you can get with a bunch of musicians and industry people and swap stories and experiences." ...

One extremely successful twist to this year's conference is a recording studio set up in the lobby of the CAC. Bands could sign up for a free 30-minute session then get the demo on a CD, as passersby watch them record.

Boston's Cassavettes took advantage of the opportunity Friday.

"We're going to rush the song out for national release as a single," said band member Glenn Yoder.

"We'll call it, 'Live at the CAC.'"

Anyhow, this second one comes via Caitlin, from an issue of the Boston Metro last week, that makes me beam and beam.

"Johnny Cash is gone, and although you can still hear echoes of the man in black's influence in contemporary local alt-country outfits like Cassavettes and Tony the Bookie, his departure has left a void in american music."

Finally, here's the great write-up I promised from Cincinatti's City Beat. Coincidentally, the owner of said paper attended our show and thoroughly enjoyed it, he said, though I don't recall who he compared us to right now...

What are all these Texans doing in Boston, getting voted Best Local Band in the Boston Phoenix and scoring a Boston Music Award nomination for Outstanding Americana Act? Very well, it would seem, as Cassavettes mixes Beatlesque melodicism with Folk expanse and boozy Rock swagger.

Dig It: Like Elvis Costello comparing divorce stories with Mojo Nixon over a half a hundred beers while the bar band plays Ryan Adams and Neil Young covers.

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