Saturday, September 29, 2007

On the way

OK, first internet access of the tour, so I'm going to post the last couple days of action, in order. Everything is timed and dated. Check it.

12:10 p.m., Wednesday

I hope to update as much as possible from the road. For this purpose, Scott has brought his laptop, which has Wi Fi, and I've brought my digital camera, to supplant the photos we're missing when Fritz usually takes them. So, I'm writing this in the car on TextEdit, to be posted later when we have a Wi Fi signal, hence the above dateline. I've encouraged the other guys to write as much as they wish, too, so we can document this whole thang. I'll note who is writing and hopefully when, whenever we can post.

Right now, we are in the middle of New York, taking the NY State Thruway to Pennsylvania, then Ohio. We've been on the road since 6:15 a.m., so almost exactly six hours of a presumed 12-hour trip. I believe we are just under 100 miles from Buffalo. We are passing through four states today, and wish we could visit the various hall of fames we'll pass en route (basketball in Springfield, Mass., baseball in NY, boxing in NY, rock and roll in Cleveland). Next time... Anyway, to get this far, we took the Mass Pike to its ending point at the edge of New York, a drive I've never made all the way. It was truly beautiful, fueling Scott to claim that he wants to be a farmer. This led to a conversation in which it became fairly evident Scott has romantic notions of farm life, but doesn't want to put in the backbreaking labor. Instead, he wants to have people to do that for him. Sounds like slavery to me... Not that Scott is advocating that. He says he is willing to do the work because the pay off will be being able to enjoy his own homegrown okra. If you ask me, and I presume you are, that is nasty in a sick way.

I drove for the first leg of this drive, until lunch at the disgusting Roy Rogers (which, I am told, may have greater ramifications in the next hour than I bargained for with an $8 chicken sandwich), and Mike just took over. Full steam ahead. Matt has been snoozing most of this trip, and when he has been awake, he has been guilty of the following offenses: a) not making hardly any sense by continually changing the meaning of what he's saying and b) grabbing a book I'm reading and asking, "Are you reading this?" and then proceeding to start reading it himself. I'm looking at him right now -- he's made it 10 pages. Ass.

Anyway, in other offenses, Scott and I (and probably Chris and Tara) are still fuming over Fritz's unexpected visit to our house at like 3 a.m. this morning. Knowing full well that we had to be up at around 5, Fritz showed up with his two Lithuanian girls and tried opening doors, laughed loudly, and just generally annoyed the hell out of everyone. Fritz, if you're reading this, and again, I presume you are, what the HELL were you thinking?

Back to business. The van is surprisingly comfortable, in my opinion. I like small spaces (read: the feeling of being in a fort), so this hasn't been too bad at all. We've got everything we need, with one small exception: we forgot DVDs. But that's OK. We are all getting along great, mostly just cracking up a lot. Good times. Times to remember. Unfortunately, I can't remember most of the stuff we've been laughing at. Probably mostly recalling SNL skits... It just feels good to all be together in the van. At a rest stop this morning, I was thinking about professional touring bands and if they ever get tired of life on the road (I imagine they all do), and whether they just get tired of each other and miss the times like we're having now -- just excited to be on the road doing something we've always dreamed of with our best buds. I hope I never lose this feeling.

We still don't know if we're playing tonight, but we know that even if we don't, this drive won't be in vain. This is on our route to Cincinnati, and we'll still get to see Superdrag tomorrow night. Plus, it will be good to see Nikki tonight and hang in Columbus, show or no show. Though I really hope there is a show. That'd be sick in a nasty way (last time, I promise).

Update: Matt has now made it to page 16. Big ass. That's all for now. I'll try to post this blog up today, or soon! We may run into the problem of posting several days worth's of blogs, one after another. Don't be confused by the logjam. I'll try to label each one with its real time of inspiration.

6:25 pm wed

this is what i will officially count as my first trip to the midwest. (there was some talk of the region encompassing michigan, oklahoma, and even texas - all three states i've been to - but i don't know. such a slippery slope, man.) but here we are in the thick of it and it feels good to mingle with these laid-back country folk. (that reminds me, we have been quoting a ton of movies that we should have just brought with us for the dvd player but oh well. next time.)

anyway, we are about a half hour away from colombus, barring any mishaps or technical gaffes, and that should give us a final drive time of just around 13 hours. long. plus 3 fills of the tank so far. but it hasn't really been too bad. lots of laffs, no technical gaffes, and a few very friendly people to help us along the way. (actually i guess just one so far, a grey-bearded and bandanna'd man who i saw talking to glenn at a giant ohio map in a burger king saying "just keep goin' south, man." that guy seemed cool. unfortunately i only caught the tail end of the conversation after coming out of the bathroom and didn't get to meet him. a mistake that may prove to be my biggest regret of the tour so far.)

the van is comfortable from all positions so far. i have sat shotgun and in the back for extended periods of time. neither have give me too much trouble and i even managed to sneak in a few quick z's at one point. i haven't heard anybody complain either so i guess we are all good so far. our vanity plate "U8DUST" is attracting stares and possible police attention, as we have been followed by troopers a number of times. but the strangest reaction i've seen is the people who take it seriously and get offended, then try to make US eat dust and show us how it feels. but even when they do succeed at passing us (which is often) they still at some point DID eat our dust so i feel that our point remains valid. that's the beauty of vanity plate that's in past tense.

times are good in this early leg, and spirits are high, and everyone is entering a near-delirium due to lack of sleep, resulting in a lot of nonsense being spoken so it's all laffs. but not everything is so rosy. i DO have a bit of a cold that started yesterday with a sore throat, got worse this morning and has progressed to a runny nose at this point. it's bad timing but what can you do? drivin' 'cross the country, you know? on the run from johnny law. ain't no trip to cleveland. only this time it is. man, we should have brought that movie, too. next leg.

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