Monday, September 03, 2007

Give and take

Man, I feel weird asking for money. We've come up with this idea to make the Sept. 21 show at the Baseball Tavern a benefit for the tour, mostly because we're so short on funds. We'll charge the normal $10 cover, but for those that feel like donating, we'll be prepared to accept a $20 donation. The truth is, we badly need this money. Not just for the broken van, but because we haven't made it enough of a point to save money in the past or to earn enough. So here we are, asking our friends for help. I wish we had those recordings finished, so could give away something to generous donors. But we haven't, so oh well. I am waiting on a couple live recordings to come through -- July 7 (being done by Band in Boston), a charity show we did in June (done by Evan Barden), and the latest show from TT's (by Hugh Wyman). If we can pick out a couple really strong tracks and give those out, it JUST MIGHT be crazy enough to work.

I'm at work today, despite being given the day off for Labor Day. I need to catch up on a couple stories I'm working on, and I just get more stuff done here. But I'm not logging my hours, so I'm just working free today. Ah well, it's worth it. Kind of counteracts the previous paragraph though, eh?

Last night, Mike and I did a jam over at the house and it was awesome. These may be the BEST of the new songs we have. I've been productive over the past weekend, and Mike showed me his two new ones -- both solid jams. All in all, we worked on five songs, I think: Mike's two (one called "Valley of Gold" that's kind of Magnolia-like and the other I'm not sure of, but that I get to do a kind of Karate-ish lick in) and a few of mine (a new version of "It's Gonna Take Time," as well as a solid Jayhawks/soul tune called "Am I A Fool?" or "Fooled" or something foolish and the latest take of "Withering on the Vine"). I want to get all five ready to bring out on tour with us. Actually, I want all five ready by the Baseball Tavern show, to give something special to those fans. Let's see...



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