Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coffee is culinary

Today I have the day off work (sort of) to do some reporting. I finished a big story the other day and now I'm starting three new medium ones. In the meantime, I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple clubs for the tour but otherwise we're good to go. I'm heading down next week to get the new van, which will be cool. But first I'm heading to see Ryan Adams in Northampton on Sunday. Wait a second, I was in Northampton last night. Why? Well, I'll tell you!

Mike and I did a short acoustic set in the Starbucks Music Makers Competition. This was not the best idea ever for the following reasons: 1) we couldn't win because Mike works at Starbucks (maybe get an alternate prize pack) and the Finals (last night was the Semi Finals) are being held while we're on tour, so we couldn't even compete beyond last night and 2) Mike works at Starbucks and had to play in a place that he spends countless hours in. Either way, we had some fun. We ate a Pinnochio Pizza, then were joined by a handful of friends -- Fritz, Melanie, Katie, and Katie's two roommates. I thought it was funny in the e-mail wrap-up that they send out after the competition (which we lost, to a girl who MORE than deserved to win, she was awesome) that they noted "Glenn and Mike of The Cassavettes fill the Starbucks with adoring fans, who sing along to their closing song 'Debts.'" Filled? With five people? I guess it was fairly small, and those particular kids are incredibly enthusiastic. So, we filled it with love, I'd say. Yes, love.
SET LIST: Seasons / St. Anthony / Debts

In such a short set, there were still a few nice highlights. One of the judges, I believe her name was Joan Holiday, a local DJ, told us we sounded like The Jayhawks. I thought about pilfering the line Will from Dearborn Valley used when I gave him that same compliment: "Well, that's the point, isn't it?!" But I didn't. Also, I got a fairly good laugh telling the story of my mother trying to get me to use a love song on my grandfather and another one making light of the weather. Which sucked. The drive sucked in that rain. But Mike is a pro. Before the last song, he announced that the song "Debts" was off our CD, It's Gonna Change, and I had to hold myself back from making the predictable quip -- ah yeah, the only thing that's not gonna change are those debts. For goodness sake, I'm lame!

Now the real question: Am I the first person who doesn't live or work in Northampton to go there twice in one week? We'll see. That's no rag on NoHo -- it's a cool area like Denton with an array of fine shopping at places like A Child's Garden, The Hempest, and Fritz's favorite, Pinnochio Pizza.

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