Monday, September 17, 2007


Yesterday was an eventful day, filled with music. I played a campaign rally for Sam Seidel, who's running for Cambridge City Council. It's true that I didn't check out his "issues" before agreeing to play it, which was a question raised within the band. I can see the possible harm of going out and apparently publicly pledging support of a candidate you don't know anything about. However, this seemed rather innocuous. He seemed like a nice guy, one of my friends is his campaign manager, and I felt it would be a good time. After checking out his issues, he seems like a good bet to me. Besides, this is for Cambridge City Council, a city I'm not even a resident of. I was just doing my thing and attracting attention to the free ice cream.

Now, in so doing, I was asked to play two hours, but given the flexibility to pretty much do whatever I wanted. So I did. I played some stuff I wrote the day before, some unreleased stuff, some Cassavettes stuff, I even did one of Mike's songs, in tribute to Mike who was at Chili's. It was cold outside, and my hands couldn't pick that well, but I covered with keeping the songs vague and unfamiliar. What a great battle plan! The gig was a make-up of last week's show, which was canceled due to threat of rain. The full band was supposed to play, but Matt and Mike couldn't take another day off, which is understandable. We're about to take a whole bunch of days off.
SET LIST (to the best of my recollection): On Our Own / Am I a Fool / Ambivalent Farewells / Rainy Days / Golden Fleece / St. Anthony / Withering On the Vine / Still Young / Seasons / It's Gonna Take Time / Lay Me Down / It's Gonna Be Alright / Like Secrets Beneath / You'll Be Crying Soon / Set Free / It Can't Be That Bad (or whatever I feel like naming this song I wrote last night)

After the acoustic afternoon show, I headed out to Northampton with TD, Scott, and a couple chicas for Ryan Adams' show. Foolishly, I forgot that I had bought FOUR tickets, despite recalling that I bought three, and no one was buying. Furthermore, the scalpers outside wouldn't even TAKE my ticket for FREE. No one would! It was $35! So, I lost some money, but I had the extra seat next to me, and they were good seats. It was an awesome show, though he left off some notable songs, but apparently he does what he wants, when he wants. And I respect that.

In tour news, that Columbus, OH, show for next Wednesday apparently is looking good. This means everyone may need to get a couple extra days off work, but it also means we're going to be able to see SUPERDRAG play their first reunion show!

In more tour news, I've shaved every single bit of facial hair I have, sideburns included (up to the top of my ear, though you can't tell under the mop), so that my tour beard grows all at once. The question is, at which point of the tour do I start growing? If I start growing it next week in Ohio, then I'll have to come back and be tempted to shave it in Boston. If I start the growth when we head out for real in October, then I'll only have about 3 weeks to grow something good (and my beard hardly grows). This is a dilemma.

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Anonymous scott jones said...

i picked october 1st to start growing. i know it is kind of cheating because we won't be anywhere at that point but it is kind of in between both jaunts. plus that means by the time we get back it will be almost a month, and i can step out of the van with a huge beard and a long ponytail. and probably some shades or something i don't know i haven't decided.

17 September, 2007 09:18  
Blogger Chris said...

Man, I didn't know you had an extra ticket.

I would've taken it. Blah.

17 September, 2007 19:48  
Anonymous glenn said...

yeah, me neither, man. otherwise, i probably would have gotten some cash for it. or if i were to give it away, i probably would have offered it to matt first, so he could see this insane drumming and incorporate it into his own. then, mike, so he could see the cool guitar playing and enjoy the show with his buddies. then, maybe fritz, because he offered a ride. then, probably you, because i know you'd take it if it was free. boo ya!

17 September, 2007 21:32  
Anonymous fritz said...

you all live together but still communicate here. why come?

18 September, 2007 13:50  
Anonymous scott said...

fritz it's 2007, get in the fast lane or go to hell

18 September, 2007 15:23  
Blogger Chris said...



18 September, 2007 19:05  
Anonymous Mike said...

Yeah, WHY come? Huh? Why come don't you talk in real life, fellas? Why come?

19 September, 2007 07:28  
Blogger cassavettes said...

whoa things took a turn for the dramatic whilst i was away. i love it.

20 September, 2007 11:58  

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