Monday, September 17, 2007

Boston's scene

When we moved here, people thought I was nuts. Music in Boston? Hardcore and punk, maybe, but not your style. Well, apparently, there's room for everything, according to this Herald article TD passed along.

I think it's awesome that so much music is here. We have Berklee and NEC, after all, it makes sense that there are 16,000 bands. To distinguish yourself from that amount (as we are trying to accomplish) is even more of a feat then. Am I right?

And new venues are springing up all the time. As the Phoenix shows, two venues (including the Baseball Tavern, where we'll be on Friday) are changing the dynamic of the Fenway neighborhood and bringing the jam back.

This is a great time to be making music in Boston. Pshh, and people always say there's "no scene" here... Yes, it's a rough and tumble scene, where you can get chewed up and spit out -- there's no doubt about that (look at what happened to Matt during The Rumble, where he received an online onslaught about his drumming skills). There are a lot of detractors, but maybe that's because everyone else is so hellbent on "making it," too. And, as I frequently note, there are the select few who are legitimately good people who care about music and the insulation of a local scene (Kier, Jen & Andy at Band in Boston, etc). You just have to find them. But I guarantee there wouldn't be as ripe a music atmosphere without them.

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