Friday, August 31, 2007

What a difference a week makes

When last we spoke, I was preparing for a show at TT's. Since then, I've played the show, gone to N.H. on a family vacation, had my extended family meet TD's vast family (twice), formally and officially graduated from college, and for some reason, had alcohol every night but did not get very drunk once. This is not a bragging thing, it's just quite unusual. I'm still a very light drinker, but I guess this is a week with many celebrations and the alcohol just shows up. So that's that. I'll start with the band stuff.

Last Friday, we played TT the Bear's Place with an awesome lineup of good buddies: The Luxury, The Sterns, and The Motion Sick. We were third in this lineup and by the time we hit the stage, the crowd was grooving on it. I attribute this to The Sterns and The Motion Sick really getting the night set up nicely. But, man, when I say they were grooving on it, believe me, they were. Which surprised me because I had fretted that we may not pull a large crowd -- in actuality, we had a good-sized crowd with some folks I don't even see too often (like Tod Shaffer of Barn!). But we went out there and delivered a fairly solid set, I believe. Matt stood up while he played drums. Mike got down on his knees at the altar of rock. And there was lots, and lots, and lots of hair flying. Don't believe me. Photographic evidence:

SET LIST: You'll Be Crying Soon / Loose Lips / On the Lam / Six Hours / Carolyn, Don't Leave Like This / Golden Fleece / Trouble From The Start / Debts / Shotgun Wedding / It's Gonna Be Alright

That show was recorded, so we'll get some songs posted ASAP. As for the rest of the week, the New Hampshire trip was fun, I played a fair amount of guitar. My mother was planning to use the song "Seasons" in a slideshow for my grandfather's 80th birthday, but it didn't load properly. Instead she used CSNY. It was weird being away from work and the computer for so long -- I felt like I was missing some serious tour planning. Alas, I came back and we only had one genuine bite, though a big one: a show in Virginia. Still working on that one. Also, I just read an article that says we're playing a benefit show in Western Mass tomorrow... uhh, this guy never called me back to confirm and I didn't sign his contract, so I hope we're not ditching...

I talked to a lot of folks about the van situation while I was there, and I'm feeling more and more inclined to get a trailer and take it behind a car, actually. I haven't gotten the chance to discuss this with the band yet, but it makes sense to save a fair amount of gas. Problem is, who's car would we use? Matt doesn't want to take his minivan, Julie and Mike are looking to sell their car... we'll figure something out soon. I also asked a buddy in the biz if we could reach a monetary agreement for him to loan us his 15-passenger van for a month. Still working on that, too...

Last night at graduation, I felt very silly. I don't like those sorts of ceremonies -- they are so impersonal and I can't help but chuckle when someone can't stay in their seat because they're constantly waving to family. I know, I'm a horrible person. I had a fairly large family contingent there, which was nice, but as I told Tara, I felt bad that they had to sit through such a bore fest (even if they say that graduations are more for the family than for the graduate). I would have felt more proud if they saw Cassavettes perform at a show, or saw something that involved them in that way. Here, I just walked onto a stage with 800 other people, dressed like a weirdo. But I was touched that Mike and Scott not only came, but ASKED to come. And dressed up for the occasion. Not every friend would do that, knowing how boring a graduation can be. See, I told you they were supportive. My feelings about the ceremony aside, it really did mean a lot to have a lot of family and friends there. I love those folks!

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Anonymous Jenna said...

Man, Glenn, congrats on graduating (officially)! That is so exciting! And awesome! And great! I also laughed outloud for at least 15 seconds about the hair flying and the pictures of said event. You weren't even lying for a second. I miss you!

31 August, 2007 20:47  
Anonymous mel said...

con-grads-ulations, ha ha ha

01 September, 2007 06:37  

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