Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weird times

Strange night thus far. Tara is shaken up after a serious incident with a cab driver (she is OK now), but it's really got me scared. I'm not sleeping because of some concern I have right now. To add to that, it is my final night of being a college student ever. Tomorrow I pass in a paper -- my last. Well, until grad school. But depending on this band, we'll see if and when I go to grad school. Journalists often don't anyway, there's no real need.

I've been wondering what it will be like to finally be freed of the shackles of school. To work part time, freelance, and have time to focus on music. How much more will I accomplish for the band if I can devote that much more time to managerial stuff? Probably a good bit. But I don't know what it feels like yet. Right now, I'm hanging in space, in purgatory, we'll say, for the sake of comedy. Just floating, not bad, not good. I can tell you one thing, I bet I'll be blogging more often!

Anyhow, in between writing these final papers this week, I've hit the tour booking lines harder than ever before. My conversation last Friday with a very helpful professional, who will go unnamed, has yielded some results -- The Corner in Knoxville, TN and good leads in Chicago and possibly Lexington, KY. Another source who is actually helping me do the booking itself has been extraordinarily helpful in the region of Baltimore/DC/Virginia. So far, he's landed us a gig in DC (headlining no less) and is close to one in Baltimore. I'll probably get the Virginia show myself, as I'd really love to play Virginia Beach. Not just because my parents live there, but also because that will be the midpoint of the tour and we're really going to need a good place to stop off and shower, rest, etc. Plus, my parents live there! Did I mention that?

Anyhow, this is how it looks and where I want to go now, revised from last week. Asterisks mean it is booked.
10/7 boston*
8 providence
9 philly/NJ
10 philly/NJ
11 NYC*
12 conn (hampden or somewhere)
13 hull*
14 DC*
15 baltimore
16 virginia beach
17 asheville
18 knoxville*
19 nashville*
20 lexington/indianapolis/st louis
21 chicago/st louis
22 milwaukee/chicago
23 ann arbor
24 cleveland
25 pittsburgh/buffalo/fredonia
26 worcester/northampton
27 rochester, NH*

A lot of these clubs are not OK with two out-of-towners on the bill, so we may have to split up with our tour buddies Girls Guns & Glory at a couple points of the tour and re-convene later. It's a bummer, but that's the only logistical way this can be accomplished, I think. Either way, I've been able to get them on all of the shows we've booked so far except Nashville (but they have an offer in Delaware that day, so we're cool). Speaking of Nashville, we'll be playing there with Jabe, our old buddy and producer of "It's Gonna Change." He defected from Boston for Nashvegas earlier this year, and has warned us that the club is the size of Toad in Cambridge (i.e. tiny). But the club put us on without Jabe knowing, so they must be cool with it! Anyhow, I should wrap up the dates from 10/14-19 soon. I just need to book Baltimore, Virginia, and Asheville, NC. Then, we'll be rolling and I can start on the last week of the tour more (I've laid the tracks). Girls Guns & Glory are doing a lot of the booking for the first week, I believe, and some for the final week.

I'm trying to keep drive times under four hours normally, but some must be six or so hours. The real tough spot is the last few days of the tour, where we have to put a buffer date on 10/26 to ensure we don't drive like nine to eleven hours from Ohio or Pittsburgh to New Hampshire. It's also important that we go places where we at least know a couple people, both to have a semblance of an audience and to have a possible place to crash.

Also, we unfortunately had to turn down an offer to play an all-cover Halloween show. We'll be out on this tour and won't be able to work on our set, especially if it requires being a tribute of another band (we were thinking Queen or Bowie, neither is an easy task).

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Anonymous scott said...

we were thinking queen? that would have been hard man.

16 August, 2007 06:29  
Anonymous glenn said...

i know, man, we were talking in the car the other night when you were sick. actually, i said queen and it was quickly dismissed for the reason of being so hard. bowie was the second suggestion, and much easier in comparison.

16 August, 2007 06:58  
Anonymous Mike said...

T REX. Or New York Dolls.

18 August, 2007 13:04  
Anonymous g flex times square said...

maybe t rex. id prefer bowie still. what about a david alan grier cover band? reading rainbow man? same guy?

18 August, 2007 23:36  

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