Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That was a-rough

Exact, and complete, transcript of a voicemail received today from Matt: "Man, I think the important thing is we're not completely fucked. There is a ray of hope for this band."

The last word could either be "band" or "van," it's hard to tell because at that point, Matt takes the phone away from his face and hangs up quickly. Either way, it doesn't matter. The two words are rather interchangeable in this scenario. All of the band's hope kind of ride on a van at the moment. Namely, the two legs of this tour we are launching next month, and really riding in October.

Matt was following up on a previous conversation in which he told me that the van, which you'll recall was acquired by Julie for an anniversary gift for Mike last month, needs about $1400 of repairs to pass inspection. Actually, it needs a whole lot more than that, he says, but that's what we absolutely must have to make it through this tour. Or inspection.

Now, I'm not meaning to bitch, because as I previously have said, it's an awesome gift and does give us an option we didn't previously have. But those repairs are nearly three times what the van cost. When repairs cost more than the car's worth, isn't the car totaled? I realize we don't really have another option, and the van may be worth investing in because if it does work, it would provide a solid home-away-from-home. But the band hardly has any money right now, I know the members don't, and what little we do have, we've been saving for this tour (gas, some lodgings, food, paying rent while we're gone, etc.). Mike had initially kindly promised to pay for the repairs within reason because it is legally his car and he wanted to bear the responsibility. This $1400 pricetag, however, obviously is an occasion that would call for an all-hands on deck approach.

Matt has stated several times that he does not expect to make it through the tour without at least one severe breakdown. Yes, that is a risk when you have a van with nearly 250,000 miles on it and that is over 15 years old. You must be prepared. I always get an uneasy feeling when he says that because I'm scrapping for every date I'm booking right now, and I don't want to miss a single one because of something we could have avoided.

So what do we do? Well, here are the options:
-We could take Matt's minivan. It also has recently undergone some operations, it lacks a hitch at present, and we would all be seriously crammed in there.
-We could pay the $1400 to get the necessary fixes to the van to just make it through this tour, hopefully, and on the other side, re-evaluate whether the vehicle is worth making a deeper financial commitment in. This is the most likely option.
-May day plan: We abort the tour, citing serious lack of funds and resources. Perhaps it could be revived later in the year, when we've all saved more.

Either way, Matt is right to some degree. As he eloquently said, "We're not completely fucked." No, things could be worse -- the van could be facing even more repairs, we could have less money, we could lose our back up plan (the other van), or not have a back up plan at all.

There is a ray of hope for this band, because there is a ray of hope for this van. It's just going to cost a pretty penny.



Anonymous fritz said...

you should have a "cassavan repair fund" bucket at every show for people to donate money for the repairs

23 August, 2007 09:22  
Anonymous glenn said...

not a bad idea. you start it.

23 August, 2007 13:26  

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