Friday, August 24, 2007

Stupid memory

I've been really concerned about my personal memory lately. It used to be good, but for years I've had a reputation as someone with a bad memory of my own life. Now, not so much. Watching that BostonNOW video, there were too many times when I said, "Oh yeah, I remember saying that." It had been filmed like four hours earlier. That shouldn't happen. It makes me wonder how much I forget... probably a lot. The other day I was reminded by something of the time I had an encounter with Arthur Sulzberger that led to an awkward situation. I tried my hardest to remember WHAT exactly happened. I couldn't. I wonder if people are mad at me because of something I said and forgot, or if people's defining memory of me is a joke or something stupid I said, and subsequently forgot. What is taking up all the space in my brain if I can't remember my own life?

Anyhow, that's just an annoyance. It's bad in a band because we meet new people all the time, and I forget names and faces quickly. Terrible. And it's kind of scary when someone starts talking to you and knows your name, and you wonder if you've ever seen this person before in your life.

Anyhow, last night I did an interview with Inside Connection magazine. The contact came from a guy I met at SXSW while passing out CDs. The other day I was cleaning out my wallet, stumbled upon his card, and thought he might be able to preview the tour (or the NYC date of it). I wrote him, and he said he'd just been thinking about me. Apparently, he had our CD still lying on his desk from SXSW, and was thinking "Are these guys ever going to get in touch?" He considered stowing it away under a pile of other CDs. But serendipity, baby. It's a treat. As I told him last night, "Some unseen force obviously badly wants you to write this article."

His interview was great. Amongst journalists, his questions were more thorough than the standard fair. For one thing, he didn't ask all the usual stuff about how we all go to Boston, why we left Texas, etc, because he read our detailed history on this blog. Mostly we talked about Matt, for some reason. We talked a lot about that first jam session with him, how we overlooked his jamband/metal tendencies, and him calling us "bitches." I explained that we had a feeling Scott would be coming up here and it would potentially be an awkward situation for whomever filled the drums role as the ONLY non-Texan guy. Every press clip would say three Texans and a Bostonian. I felt it could be very isolating for the fourth member, and I was specifically looking for someone who was not only talented on drums, but also self-assured enough to ingratiate himself into the fabric of the band without dwelling on what could potentially single him out and make him feel left out. And although Matt called us "bitches," that was somewhat of a comfort factor for me, in an odd way. He was obviously going to be OK, and we would make him our brother as much as he'd make us his. Plus, he could play.

Of a 30-minute interview, I'd say we talked about Matt for 20. So we'll see how the article comes out when it previews our Oct. 11 show at Kenny's Castaways. Maybe the headline will read, "Cassavettes have man crush on own drummer." It wouldn't be far from the truth.

Anyhow, TT's show tonight. Us, The Sterns, The Luxury, and The Motion Sick. I got a call from Emeen in the Sterns last night, concerned because he'd heard I was upset they accepted two other shows this week (another one tonight that IS a big deal for them and one next week that's free). In a short conversation, I tried to diffuse the situation, explaining that there was nothing we could do now. We got offered both shows, we turned both down because I didn't want to upset TT's or blow out our draw in Boston. My main problem is that the free show this week will feature both The Sterns AND The Motion Sick, half of tonight's PAID bill. It's being heavily advertised in The Dig, because it's a party for that paper. And each band can do what they want, and I won't consider them any less of friends of ours. I just don't want to be held out to dry by TT's now. It's happened before...

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