Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Out of it

Yikes, man. I just did a brief phone interview with BostonNOW for an article promoting our show on Friday, and I was totally delirious (having just woken up 10 minutes prior and not really speaking yet). At one point the writer actually said that if I wanted to jump off and grab a cup of coffee that it sounded like I needed one. But nah, man, I don't drink coffee, let's just continue with an interview in which I'm talking nonsense. That's how it went. I think the article is out Friday, we'll see how it turns out. I wonder if he'll make note of the long pauses and lots of "uhh, what was I saying?" Ah, maybe he's used to it. Rocker lifestyle. Thursday I'm doing an interview with a NYC magazine to promote our tour. The interview is in the evening, though, so I should make a lot more sense.

Good practices the last couple nights. We're practicing again tonight, too. We've been working on a new song that jams out a bit -- it's currently our second longest song, clocking in around seven minutes. I would doubt it's going to be played at TT's.

I'll be away next week in New Hampshire on a family trip, but the work has piled up before I go. This is not what I thought my first week out of school would be like. Work days of 40 hours and three stories to write, including a bunch of interviews. One story, assigned last night, is due tomorrow at noon. Say what?

Well, I could use the money. We need to start saving for that tour. Big time.

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