Friday, August 17, 2007

It's over

Well, I have finished college. Technically, I could still have to write one additional paper, depending on what my professor says. We'll see. But the classes, my time at Northeastern University, my degrees in journalism and history -- everything else is over. It doesn't feel real exactly, as I was told it wouldn't. It kind of feels like I'm going on co-op again, or actually, right now it just feels like the end of every week. Maybe it will set in soon. They increased my hours at work, so at least I won't be totally procrastinating. I do look forward to being able to write more, though.

Although I'm not one for ceremony, I do consider this graduation to be an accomplishment, I suppose. No matter how much I loved the band, I consistently said that I would finish school first. I owed it to myself and to my family to finish. Last year, when the band won a Phoenix poll that was widely interpreted as being a bigger deal than it was in reality, a co-worker encouraged me (much to the dismay of other co-workers who preached a more stable lifestyle) to quit school and hit the road. "Ride the wave," he said, "You can always go back to school. But you can't always catch another wave." I nodded. I respect this man's opinion more than most -- he is a veteran journalist, a great writer and a good friend. But two things prevented me from throwing down everything and following this advice: a) At the time, I knew the band wasn't ready yet at a playing level or a popularity level, hence there wasn't a "wave" and b) I had made the commitment to finish school.

Since the very first time Mike and I discussed the possibility of starting a band, I knew I had to finish first. I was already too deep into school financially and credits-wise. I didn't want to leave it hanging unless there was an offer we couldn't refuse. Even then, it would have been debatable. And of course, that offer never came, even if smaller ones did.

But it's also a testament to the rest of the band for waiting. Most bands, I feel, in a positions like ours of perpetually rising would eventually grow impatient. They want to hit the road. See what kind of damage they can do. To ask three other guys to hold off for over two years was somewhat selfish of me, but the other guys also know it had to be done. They have been enormously supportive, even if at times it's obvious they wanted to take this farther than my situation allowed. And Matt himself finished school last year, and then altruistically stuck around Boston rather than getting the hell out like most Berklee kids. And since he's graduated, I've also done my best to be flexible for the band. I opted not to run for editor of my college newspaper, despite years spent establishing myself as the next in line, when the opportunity presented itself. I skipped classes only once, and rightfully so, to head to SXSW in March -- it was time well-spent, plus I did several school and work projects about it. I did my very best to balance school, work, and music, even if it almost drove me to the point of madness once in awhile.

Either way, the hard part is over. But rather than make life clear, graduation has made everything opaque. It's strange to look into the future and really have no idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing. All I know is that I've committed to this band just as much as I committed to school, and I plan to finish this, too. Whenever that is.

Love, Glenn

P.S. Things are getting interesting with the tour. We just booked a THIRD Tennessee date, thanks to Girls Guns & Glory. This means that we may skip Baltimore and play DC, then Virginia Beach, then North Carolina (Chapel Hill area?), etc. Things are getting crazy. Also, we're getting some help on our hopeful en route tour to MPMF in Cincinnati next month. Hopefully I'll get 1-3 dates locked down. I realize that even if we don't get a date in Buffalo itself, we're passing through it on the way, so we can probably stop off at my aunt and uncle's house to rest up (it's a long drive). Plus, as expected, look who else just joined the festival. The getting's good.

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