Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Doing the interview thang

As I said, I was out of it when BostonNOW interviewed me the other day, but John did a good job salvaging the quotes. Here's the article (with video from tonight!):
Staying away from easy labels
Cassavettes concentrates on just sounding good
John Black,

Asked how best to describe the kind of music Cassavettes plays, singer/guitarist Glen Yoder takes a long time to answer. It might be because it's only 10 in the morning, generally not a good time to interview musicians, but Yoder's hesitation seems to stem more from an honest inability to slap a label on the music they make.

"Some reviewers have called us alt country, but I think it's tough to describe what we play because we're still on a learning curve ourselves. There are times I write a song and bring it to the band and by the time we're through with it, it sounds unlike anything I could have imagined. And that's good. It keeps it interesting for us," he said. "Putting a label to it won't help anybody. We were nominated for a Boston Music Award in the Americana category. That's the first time we've ever been called that."

Yoder added that anybody not satisfied with his interpretation of Cassavettes music should come out to see the band play a show. That, he said, is the truest way to hear what they are all about.

"When we go into the studio to record, we always try to play it live. We didn't want it to have that stagnant sound of the studio, but it still gets compressed in the recording process," he said. "Our sound is much fuller when you hear us live."

Here's the video, featuring Matt and I just talking randomly at the Common before getting a couple beers at Cheers. Note: BEFORE beers.

And here's Matt and I jamming with a dude named Scott on some Neil Diamond:

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