Saturday, July 21, 2007

Right now

Now is when things are getting crappy. Midterms are next week, I have an oral project, I've been working a lot, and somehow I'm still running out of money. However, this isn't a spot to complain about my non-musical life. So let's get to the good stuff.

Last night, I had several moments of serendipity. I was over at Band in Boston HQ, dropping off my iPod so that Andy could extract the audio from the July 7 show (which hopefully will be posted soon! There was a high frequency during much of the set, caused by a dying mic he used to record it, but he says he can get most of it out of there!). Anyhow, as you may or may not know, Band in Boston -- which I consider the ultimate podcast and perhaps the two people who legitimately care the most about local music -- is celebrating their ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY (not long after our 2-year...are you starting to see the connection?) by hosting a week's worth of shows at PAs Lounge this week. Lots of great music so far, including our buds Girls Guns & Glory. Anyhow, a band heading up from NYC got stuck in traffic and, as they were slated to open Friday's festivities, it was crunch time. So Andy asked me if I'd play acoustic. I was hoping he would. Cassavettes would have been playing this thang if it hadn't been for the July 7 show -- they just clashed a wee bit. So anyhow, I immediately accepted. Now, here's where the story gets wild. It's about 7 by the time I'm heading home with a couple of sandwiches for Scott and I, leaving a message for Mike to see if he wants to play, too. Then, out of McIntyre & Moore Books walks my old friend MK. Totally weird, as she doesn't live anywhere near Somerville or Davis, and yet, here she was. So, after some pleading, I convinced her to play three songs with me, she learned one on the spot, and we headed out for PAs. The set was pretty decent, about what you'd expect from an opening slot you found out about an hour earlier. The good news is that Andy AGAIN recorded it (though, I think the first song may have gotten cut off), so hopefully we'll get some of these live recordings up, too!
SET LIST: Rainy Days / Set Free / Golden Fleece (that's a name I'm considering for that new Cassavettes song that has currently been untitled) / Ambivalent Farewells / Like Secrets Beneath / Willing Hands (the one MK learned on the spot)

So that's that. A fun night. I ended up heading out early to get to the Baseball Tavern, where I was to meet with a dude who is going to help Cassavettes book the tour in October. I'm telling you, booking this thing is an all-hands-on-deck affair. I've asked favors of just about everyone I know with the loosest connections. However, this particular guy has really strong connections it appears, particularly in the Carolinas.

Tomorrow, we're picking up where we left off on the recording of some demos last month. So far, only drums are laid down, but tomorrow, we should get bass and maybe some guitars down. Mike and I couldn't seem to catch each other on the phone yesterday, so I haven't talked to him about laying down the tracks tomorrow, but if he can't do it, we'll just have Scott lay down some smooth bass. When we're all done with these, we'll have demos of these tunes: Shotgun Wedding / Loose Lips / Golden Fleece / Six Hours / She's A Bright Light / You'll Be Crying Soon -- plus, we have that demo of MK and I singing "Like Secrets Beneath," though I'd like to get a full band version of that song since it's now entered our repertoire.

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