Sunday, July 29, 2007

Radio radio

You know, a blog is like a pet. You have to keep up with it every day -- feeding it, giving it love and affection. Otherwise, it will turn out an incomplete mess with a sour attitude. Alas, I haven't been the best owner lately.

Anyhow, Cassavettes is playing on the radio tonight. We'll do four songs acoustically, and a short interview on Bay State Rock on WAAF 107.3 FM. This is all going down at 11:30 p.m., meaning we're not getting to bed until late tonight. Ah, who cares? Rock isn't about sleep. It seems kind of strange to me how this interview worked out -- it was supposed to be in August to promote our TT's show. But this was the only time they could schedule us, so it happens to be right before a big show we're playing, sponsored by a competitor station. I wrote that in the email to them, just to make sure they wouldn't be surprised, and I never heard back so it's a go. Green light.

On the tour front, we got some good news out of Kentucky today -- we've got someone helping us book. Also, after meeting with a few folks last week, I'm fairly certain that North Carolina will get booked and Baltimore/DC will get booked. Plus, Chicago still looks good. We're still working in a tight schedule, because of a big show the first week in Hull that threw us off. But we'll get on track and have some fun. My concern is whether Tennessee is going to happen. Nothing is coming together there, and that region seems to have the clout to do what they want and say no or nothing to whomever they want. They are Tennessee, after all.

As far as local bookings, I'm trying to overextend the band in September. If we play as much as we can that month, hitting the road once in awhile and just gigging it up, then we should settle into tour legs easier. We'll be hitting on all cylinders -- kind of like what we did leading up to SXSW this year. Anyhow, we just got a GREAT offer for Sept. 6, which I'd love to do, but could we pull enough people out to make it worthwhile for the club and other bands? That's my concern. We're playing the next night in Quincy (is that far enough away?), the night after in NYC, possibly the next week in Somerville and maybe New Hampshire, the week after that in Boston again. Plus, we're playing TT's two weeks earlier. I don't want to blow out our draw locally, just to hone our chops. However, Sept. 6 would be fairly high profile, or at least really fun. So we'll see.

The other thing is that now some jobs are getting back to me, which I applied for before the tour was official. Obviously, this tour is happening, but who wants to hire someone who's going to be gone almost a month right off the bat? So, I'll probably be roughing it for these first few months, and try to settle into something around the holiday season.

Finally, last night I stole Scott's check book and wrote a check to AJ and I for one million dollars for "Blank Check DVD." I plan to cash it when Scott makes him first mil, and then give him a copy of Blank Check.

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