Monday, July 30, 2007

On the air

Good times aplenty with our friends at WAAF last night. Mike and I played four songs (see below), all of which went well, though the banjo wasn't in tune with the guitar for the last song. However, the show's producer, Brian, actually did a mix on the fly that minimizes the harm. It's rather impressive. Hopefully I can post audio soon. Somehow.

Anyway, the part we didn't get recorded was the interview. It's always a question mark whether you'll talk over one another at these things, especially when you're not wearing headphones and especially when it's kind of an unknown topical terrain. On this night, the conversation naturally gravitated toward the phrase "busy as beavers" (yes, I know you can say "busy bees," but they are both busy creatures -- one with their honey deposits and pollination, the other with building dams and gnawing logs). Thus, when Matt interrupted the tour route I was laying down, it prompted me to acknowledge that Matt was the king beaver, with the biggest paddle. Success! I slipped one by. But the important thing is to watch our language apparently, so no cursing. Just innuendo. The station had all these raunchy topics posted on the control board, I'm guessing for a drive-time commute show in the Stern tradition. Either way, I think we got our point across. Subtly. Plus, I got this very blog some air time, acknowledging to greater Boston that yes, I'm a geek.

The cool part of the night, I thought (and this is kind of lame of me), was when we told people to call in to win some free Cassavettes CDs. I honestly thought no one would call... but they did! We had a good 6-7 calls right off the bat, and most people sounded like they genuinely were disappointed after they didn't get them. Ah well, hopefully we'll be MySpace friends now and the world will be in perfect harmony. However, one could also make the case that the coolest part of the night (as far as making us feel like big shots), was when the producer asked us to record a station ID.

Now, this is obviously a strange area, because how do you do it with four guys? Do you each say a word? Do you yell it out altogether (we tried, it didn't work)? Eventually, it was decided that Mike would say "Hi, we're Cassavettes" and Scott would finish it off with the "and you're listening to..." I think that worked well enough, though I had the idea after the fact to have us actually have a conversation and be interrupted, like "Oh hello, didn't see you there, we're Cassavettes, enjoying a rich conversation about the fine programming of WAAF..." blah blah blah. Too little, too late.
SET LIST: Debts / Saint Anthony / Golden Fleece / Research Blvd.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha! can't wait to hear the station from y'all on the radio :)

30 July, 2007 09:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

station i.d. that is

30 July, 2007 09:21  
Anonymous mel said...

oh man, i am sad i missed this because i haven't heard saint anthony in forever

30 July, 2007 10:19  

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