Friday, July 06, 2007

Hear ye! Hear me!

It's the day between two big events. Yesterday, my 22nd birthday. Tomorrow, the band's second birthday. This means party.

I've been laying low on the posting front for a couple weeks. In that time, I've gone to Virginia and back, hung, AJ moved to Boston, about a dozen friends from Texas have come to visit, and now it all comes to fruition. Even better, I'm sick! I feel terrible! But the show must go on. I shan't ruin the act. The band has worked out a killer set, I believe, for tomorrow's show. Just as we started jamming the first song at practice last night, we busted a fuse and all the lights went out. That shows how much rock you can expect. For those placing bets, I'll give you one tell: We're playing 15 songs. Yes, 15. While we only have 17 recorded total on the two albums, a fair amount will be new material. That's the way we roll.

To get pumped for the big show, the Patriot Ledger's affable music critic Jay Miller interviewed me earlier this week and wrote this nice piece. While there are a few parts that are smoothed for the sake of transition (like me saying Mike lives in Brighton, out toward Chestnut Hill, not IN Chestnut Hill, but hey, that's just a technicality) and we're referred to as THE Cassavettes (probably because Kier always does, haha), this is a good article about the band's life so far.

The final version of the band achieves some compelling sounds, which we likened to Counting Crows when we first heard them, or perhaps to the pop/twang offerings of The Mavericks. Byrnes calls them the perfect blending of Tom Petty-meets-Elvis Costello. Their first CD, "It’s Gonna Change," was released in December, and has garnered admirable airplay on WFNX, among others. But with three songwriters, and four fairly disparate personalities, the band’s music is a constant blending process.

Perhaps my favorite part is this quote about Matt.

The three Texans found a drummer the new-fashioned way; they ran an ad on Craigslist. That led them to Maynard native Matt Snow, who was studying at Berklee School of Music.

"Matt had no country style in his background at all," Yoder said. "He was kind of a jam-band rocker who also liked heavy metal. But he is a fast learner and a fun guy to have around. He’s able to do so much we sometimes have to tell him to rein it in, take it easy, and just play a simple country two-step. But having him with us gives the Cassavettes an adventurous edge, because he’s a dynamo, and that’s exactly what we wanted."

The arrivals of Snow and Jones cemented the lineup, and that all occurred almost exactly two years ago, hence the budding "anniversary" show the quartet hopes becomes a tradition.

A nice clip and nice promo for the show! OK, if this is the last time we speak before July 7, I hope you have the time of your young life tomorrow. I know I will, even if I yak. Down with the sickness.

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You've ruined the act, GOB

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