Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feeling good

Well, I never thought I would, but sure enough, I have senioritis. Yes, I want -- scratch that, NEED -- to finish school. And yes, I'm sure I'll miss it when all is said and done, people always say that, but right now, I am sick of it. And of course, I have one of my hardest classes ever in my last semester -- a course called Secret Soviet Police. Alas, that's the way it is.

Anyhow, adding to my mad dash to the finish line is a whole bunch of band stuff. Good stuff. In fact, I'd say this is the high point for my personal band morale in a long time.

First off, I am trying desperately (to very little avail) to organize a tour for just over three weeks long in October, which would take us from Boston, down the east coast, over to Nashville, up to St. Louis and Chicago, past Buffalo, and back through NH to Boston (suggestions are welcome). Assisting on this journey will be a 1991 VAN (that is huge, and very cool) which Julie purchased for Mike as a one-year anniversary present for the price of $500. At a band dinner last week, there was speculation that this van would break down amidst a tour. That's probably true, but I'm not too concerned about it (surprisingly). Two reasons: 1) That's to be expected when a van has 240,000 miles on it and face it, this is a sweet gift and there are no better options (plus, it's HUGE and plush, and has a CB radio that will be so so so sweet when fixed) and 2) Matt has AAA, so they'll help us out to a degree if this no-so-unthinkable should happen. Perhaps I'll be eating my words if and when it does happen, but we just need to make sure it's up to the task of hitting the road before we actually do. But before we can get out there, we have to book the darn thing. Which is harder than it seems. We have good leads in Baltimore, Chicago, Tennessee, North Carolina, and DC, and Girls Guns & Glory (who we will be embarking with) are hooking up some cool gigs, as well.

On a bummer note, The Mendoza Line has broken up, shortly before we were to open for them at TT's next month. So, Randi and I put together a nice bill instead, which currently looks to be Cassavettes, The Luxury, The Sterns, and The Motion Sick. Pretty nice, eh? Hopefully the same fate does not befall Kings of Leon before we open for them at a cool show on July 31 at the Paradise. Speaking of, you can not buy tickets to this show. There was an FNX radio contest to win tickets, and I believe it has already come and gone. If anyone wants to prove me wrong, please do. Speaking of this KOL show, it really has turned into an excellent promotional show. I'm pumped up about it. Plus, it should lead to more exciting stuff!

I'm also working to set up a couple fun shows for September. That month will basically be devoted to playing a few fun gigs around town with friends, some of which I've already lined up. Should be good. Though we may actually do a tour preview, and embark for Cincinatti, Ohio for a music festival in late September. We'll see about that one. Plus, it may not be a bad idea to do a couple trial runs that month at out-of-towners, getting used to the van and gigging in it. Maybe I'll set something up in Providence or NYC or Philly. We'll see. On a bummer note for September, we are supposed to take part in a Starbucks competition, however, they found out Mike works at Starbucks (thereby disqualifying him from winning). They say, though, that he can PLAY, but not win the grand prize (should we get that far): a trip to Hawaii for a songwriting conference. Then I found out that only ONE of the members of the band can go. Obviously, then, it should be Matt.

Today, FirstAct guitars offered to sponsor the band. I have yet to speak to Mike about this, but essentially, it's a guitar sponsorship. Pretty neat. We'll check it out.

Last night, needing to escape thinking about this Soviet Police class and reading for it, TD and I went to Johnny D's to see the seminal country artist Marty Stuart perform. A lot was good (his guitar playing and his jokes about Bob Dylan), some was not so good. Two observations about Marty Stuart: 1) His hair and outfit, both quite flamboyant, have not changed his entire career, making easily recognizable today no matter what year that photo he signed and autographed for almost every IHOP in the south was taken (honestly, does this guy have a contract with IHOP where he requires them to paste his picture up in every celebrity gallery in every store nationwide, or at least in all the red states? Or has he just actually been to every single IHOP in the country due to the fact that he has been touring pretty much nonstop since age 13? The world may never know) and 2) You'd think if someone has been touring as long as he has, they'd learn the name of the places they visit. Alas, Stuart referred to Somerville as "Sumperville" and, inexplicably (or worse), he repeatedly called Massachusetts "MassaTUsetts." SAY WHAT? If you can look past that (and the $20 cover), he was pretty good. Unfortunately, I couldn't look past that.

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