Thursday, July 26, 2007

Debts paying off

So, the Phoenix has kindly named "Debts" their MP3 of the Week. Kind words by the kind Caitlin Curran:

With Jabe Beyer relocating to Nashville and Frank Smith ensconced in Austin, Boston’s alt-country contingent has withered away over the past few months. Luckily, Cassavettes, who are three-fourths native Texan, are sticking around. Phoenix readers named them last year’s “Best Local Band,” and that was before the release of their debut album, It’s Gonna Change, in December. IGC is countryfied low-fi indie rock — a dust-coated coming-of-age tale with rootsy twang and the occasional barroom romp. “Debts” bemoans and celebrates change — a feeling any recent college grad can relate to — shifting from piano-driven balladry to a guitar-driven rock about “getting fired from a new job each week.” Catch them Tuesday opening for Kings of Leon at the Paradise (rescheduled from their cancelled BMP gig, but we don't hold grudges) if you can - we hear from our friends at WFNX that all of the tickets have been given away, but don't worry - Craigslist has your back. The 'vettes are also playing T.T. the Bear's on August 24, and a whole slew of other Boston venues this fall.

One weird thing: the article links to Fritz's camera-phone photo footage behind-the-scenes at Fox 25. Not the Phoenix's fault, but somewhat strange. I don't think I've watched that footage, but I recall Mike being upset because he is portrayed as some kind of ogre . I believe he says he'll club Fritz and eat his bones. Speaking of, we're going to see The Simpsons movie tonight at midnight! (Though my referenced quote shockingly didn't make this list of the 101 best Simpsons quotes ever, though some truly awful ones did. In fact, the better quotes are the reader suggestions toward the bottom. Just one man's opinion, but a recent delight found in reader suggestions, recalling a chuckle: "Badger, my ass. It's probably Milhouse.")

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Blogger Matt said...

i think its hilarious that they linked to that. absolutely hilarious. i'm STILL laughing.

26 July, 2007 15:16  
Anonymous fritz said...

they linked to both mine and aram's. it's cool :)

27 July, 2007 22:09  

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