Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bigger than big news

While I'd like to give Mike the opportunity to tell everyone himself, Scott read Mike's brother's MySpace post about the big news before Mike could tell Scott, the veritable spoiler of the big news. Thus, since it has been made public, I may as well divulge.

Please join me in congratulating Mike and Julie on getting engaged last night! I love those kids!

No word yet on whether Mike will be playing a note-for-note solo during "November Rain" when he performs at the wedding or just doing his own thing. Julie, I believe (if my sources are accurate), is planning to dress like Axl and sing lead vocals on the duet.

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Anonymous Fritz said...

Congrats Mike and Julie!

21 July, 2007 16:51  
Anonymous JENNA said...


22 July, 2007 11:30  

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