Friday, June 22, 2007

Treading water/white wine

I tell you, man, I couldn't live without a planner. It's great. It's got my life in there, and my whole week has been thrown off by the purchase of a new planner that doesn't start until next week. This means my last planner ENDED, my next planner has yet to begin. So I'm floating through life without direction until the next planner tells me what to do. What to buy, what to sell.

July 7 is fast-approaching. I don't know if we have the time to make the night into an extravaganza with all sorts of gimmicks and games. Believe me, I'm all about it. And yes, I believe that crazy shiz enhances the rock experience rather than detracts. But I should have booked extra stuff long ago. Long, long ago. Now, we're working with two weeks, one of which I'll be out of Boston/tending to guests, and that's it! So, while it would be cool to have sword-swallowers and mechanical bulls like the Three Day show this weekend (which, let's face it, has cornered the market on awesome shiz), we don't have the resources...or time. It's all about time. It's gonna take time. Don't worry.

Honestly, it all comes back to the rock. If I had to choose between having a rock carnival that was a decent show or a straight-up face-melting rock show, I'd think for a second about games and gimmicks, and then go with the ladder. Ten times out of ten. Now, that isn't to say you can't have your cake and eat it, too. But we just explored why this isn't an option. So, the focus SHOULD be a ridiculously sweet, wolf-howling, grave-cursing, blood-curdling ROCK AND ROLL SHOW. The kind where your toes are curled for a week and you have to walk on your heels to avoid the pain. Can we do it? Yes. Will we? I'm thinking yes, again.

This isn't to say that 7/7/7 will be devoid of festivities. What I can wrangle up, I will (and we do have confirmation that this shindig will be co-sponsored by Miller Lite beer, which is simply so that their street team will help promote it. The trade-off is that one of us has to wear a Miller shirt onstage. So that we weren't complete shills, I bargained to wear my longstanding "Buy that man a Miller" shirt, which used to be an ironic statement of sobriety, not to say it isn't any longer. But apparently Miller is different than Miller Lite, and the powers-that-be say if we want the help and free drinks for the guests, we'll wear a Miller Lite shirt onstage. I just assume it will be Matt). But I'm not going to lose sleep over it. I will lose sleep over the perfect set, the kind of set that you'll go infertile just merely viewing its titles on a sheet of paper. The perfect set. (OK, now I may have crossed the line).

I need to write about this in my planner.

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